Weather Warfare Technologies Used Against Philippines 4

See Weather Warfare 101 analysis:  Creating Typhoon Haiyan

U.S. Attacked Philippines with Weather Warfare WMD 

X-Band RadarBack in November 2013, we were knocked out of the Net after HAARP devastated much of Leyte and the entire Visayas, Philippines. Until now, people are still suffering the effects of that manmade disaster, e.g. homelessness, high food prices, epidemic, persistent live virus mass injections, etc.

We are also experiencing intermittent internet connections every now and then.

Just before the attack, we already knew it’s not going to be ac “Act of God” but a deliberate attempt to pin as further down for reasons that we are also aware of already.

PressCore has posted this a week after that event. Thanks I4T.

U.S. wages war against Philippines using its HAARP weather WMD systems

Posted by HAARP, Heinous Crimes, World news Friday, November 15th, 2013

The U.S. military’s Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX-1) was ordered to set sail out of its berth in Hawaii on March 23, 2013 on what the United States Department of Defense (DoD) claims to be routine sea trials.  However in light of recent events in the Philippines – typhoon Haiyan – microwave data from the devastated region gives evidence that the SBX-1 was ordered deployed by the U.S. government (Barack Obama) to the Pacific to complement other U.S. military controlled steerable phased array radar systems (HAARP)  in Japan to wage war against the Philippines using HAARP’s weather modification capabilities.  The SBX-1 was deployed for geopolitical purposes.  As a U.S. military controlled weapon of mass destruction – an act of war.   *** Continue

secretary-of-defense_william s cohen weather warfare


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