Video Reveals Jets Spraying Chemtrails Painted as Commercial Airliners 8

The aircraft presented in this video appear to be commercial airliners, however there is no evidence that passengers were aboard these jets or that the aircraft were actually part of a commercial fleet.  This leaves open the possibility that these chemtrails aircraft are “imposters” used by the military to lend credence to a massive, covert climate modification program.

In 1990 the Department of Defense published a Chemtrails” manual for pilot training at the USAF Academy..

In the mid-1990’s unmarked military aircraft were observed spraying aerosols from ports located in the wings and around the exhaust of the jet engines.

In recent years, civilian aircraft are increasingly contracted to secretly spray aerosols through ports located near the engines and airframe. This video provides a well documented example of commercial aircraft spraying chemtrails over Gainsville and North Florida involving AIRTRAN airways.

IPCC scientists also admit CO2 from aircraft will grow 3% per year but make no recommendation about using alternative forms of travel.

While not admitting that aircraft are spraying tons of aerosols into the atmosphere these same scientists say that contrails and artificial clouds have a profound effect on the climate and tend to warm global surface temperatures.

Ask yourself:

“If global warming is real, why are these aircraft secretly spraying aerosols that are known by UN/IPCC scientists, to warm the climate?”

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  6. It is more plausible that the chemtrails are lowering barometric pressure with coal ash as research shows. The causes an extreme cold zone, pulling the artic air mass south, while most of the earth is warmer. The jet stream must be left alone or the physics of the Earth will correct itself in a much stronger way, as we see in extreme weather. Intake of coal ash causes many illnesses and pollution laws are being broken.

    • I agree the objective is to replace cold arctic air with warmer air from lower latitudes.

      Carbon black also destabilizes the troposphere down to boundary level. The carbon black also accelerates ice melts when it lands on ice sheets as demonstrated by Jason Box.

      Dr. Bill Gray outlined uses for CB spraying in the 1970’s. The HAMP study (search this site) conducted by DHS and Joe Golden in 2009, re-discovered Gray’s findings to claim them as their own . In the process, Golden essentially confessed (in the recorded event available in the article) that carbon black was used to intensify Hurricane Katrina – and probably Frankenstorm Sandy and more. Hurricane Andrew may have been the first.

    • The deliberate and secret manipulation to warm earth’s climate serves to exposes the IPCC as perpetrating and/or condoning a criminal hoax.

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