We need to get informed about dangerous chemtrails 3

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Jan 30, 2014

Bradford West Gwillimbury Topic

There is a lot going on the world that many people are not aware of so I would like to point out that last Saturday, there was a worldwide march concerning geo-engineering and chemtrails.

Our skies are being bombarded with unnatural substances that have drawn the attention of environmentalists all over the world since 1996, mostly ignored by an indifferent public.

These lines crossing the sky are not contrails, as some may think, but a little bit of research would clarify.

Most people do not know the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail but for the sake of your health, I suggest you become informed.

A contrail is a short line of vapour that disappears within seconds. A chemtrail is a white line that remains for hours, widening and feathering into a wide elongated-looking cloud. These “fake” or geo-engineered clouds (officially referred to as stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering) contain toxic substances, including aluminum hydroxide, strontium and barium, to name a few.  *** Continue


  1. What tells me that we are absolutely correct in our belief that we are being sprayed is the fact that everytime I try to comment on a shill’s disinformation video on youtube, it won’t allow it. For instance THIS particular story (If I recall – but that’s a 50/50 thing these days) has a comment at the end by a known paid disinformation shill..or a Chemshill as I like to call them.. and in his comment he chides the author of this piece, instructing readers to watch a video at the link he provides. I can’t comment on this video! Everytime I click in the “comment” box, it says “opening” and it never does. I can’t even reply to any of the comments already added. Now is this being done on purpose? Is it ONE of the results of Googles close ties to the intelligence aparatus of this country? I am betting that it is….

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