Does Technical Guide for Boeing 737 Reveal Chemtrails Nozzle? 1



CFM56-7 Engine Fairing and chemtrails tubeThe sole powerplant for all 737’s after the -200 is the CFM-56. The core is produced by General Electric and is virtually identical to the F101 as used in the Rockwell B-1. SNECMA produce the fan, IP compressor, LP turbine, thrust reversers and all external accessories. The name “CFM” comes from GE’s commercial engine designation “CF” and SNECMA’s “M” for Moteurs.CFM 56 - 3 Cutaway

One problem with such a high bypass engine was its physical size and ground clearance; this was overcome by mounting the accessories on the lower sides to flatten the nacelle bottom and intake lip to give the “hamster pouch” look. The engines were moved forward and raised, level with the upper surface of the wing and tilted 5 degrees up which not only helped the ground clearance but also directed the exhaust downwards which reduced the effects of pylon overheating and gave some vectored thrust to assist take-off performance. The CFM56-3 proved to be almost 20% more efficient than the JT8D.

CFM56_P1220759-737 Engine

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