Air Force Plans to Pull Plug on Alaska’s Controversial HAARP Facility 5

Alaska Dispatch Header

Dermot Cole

January 27, 2014

FAIRBANKS — Whenever anything unusual happens, whether it is Fukushima radiation or the “polar vortex” in the Lower 48, someone somewhere will connect it to radio signals emanating from the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) facility in Gakona, 15 miles northeast of Glennallen.

Every hurricane, typhoon, tornado, heat wave, flood, drought and blizzard can thus be traced without any thought by conspiracy theorists to the Air Force site, not far from the Tok Cut-Off, just east of the Richardson Highway. Nothing can stop the tsunami of HAARP hysteria, which complicates the matter of discussing its future.

The $290 million facility is a vestige of the Sen. Ted Stevens earmark era in Alaska, valued by scientists from the military and many of America’s leading universities, who see it as a “cosmic plasma laboratory without walls,” with implications not only for the military but also for basic science and communications. *** Continue


    • HAARP could be mostly obsolete now that the global Tesla network and NEXRAD Phased radar upgrades have been installed. What will Dutchsince do about HAARP rings?. I reminded Dutch many times that HAARP in an acronym, not a circle or a “HAARP ring”.

  1. Too many observers assume HAARP is the only TESLA device controlling the climate. In fact, there are numerous ionospheric heaters around the planet that can easily replace the function of HAARP in moving jet streams and bouncing signals.

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