Russian Scientists Allege PHOBOS Mars Mission Sabotaged by HAARP 4

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Soon after the ill-fated Phobos-Grunt spacecraft stalled in Earth orbit, a former Russian official implicated “powerful American radars” in Alaska.

HAARP ApplicationsIs there a basis to the claim, or is it just scapegoating?
Dec 14, 2011 |By Jim Nash

After 19 attempts over 51 years, Russia has yet to chalk up a fully successful mission to Mars. That includes its ambitious Phobos–Grunt probe, launched November 8 from Kazakhstan and now stranded in low Earth orbit. Unable to regain control of the spacecraft, the Russians now expect it to fall back to Earth around January 9.

Responding to shame over the nation’s Mars program, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has threatened to criminally prosecute those responsible if possible. Soon after Medvedev’s comments, a former high-ranking Russian officer found a more convenient scapegoat in a remote Alaskan radar facility. But an analysis of the timing and physics involved shows that there is little basis for the claim.

Rodionov was quoted saying the U.S. wants to use the ionosphere as part of its missile defense, although he did not elaborate.

Phobos–Grunt was to retrieve soil (“grunt” in Russian) from the Martian moon Phobos and return it to Earth for study. But the rocket engine intended to boost the spacecraft into a higher orbit failed. The probe itself has since communicated only sporadically with ground stations, and even then it has murmured only unintelligible noise.

“Whereas similar radar facilities exist in Norway, Russia, Peru and other locations, HAARP is one of the most powerful.”

“HAARP routinely points itself at full power towards certain satellites” that monitor what happens at the top of the ionosphere above an IRI beam.

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    • Hoax after Hoax demonstrated in the past has caused me to wonder if any US craft is on Mars even now.

      Area-51 could be a giant Hollywood type studio to synthesize reality for broadcast by the neary always, lying media.

  1. You could be right. The media is treasonous.. The question that begs to be asked is how long have they been this way? Personally I believe they were conspiring with the “powers that be” back in the mid 60’s when JFK was whacked
    . It is stunning to me that a trial was held in Memphis, TN in 1999 where Correta Scott King WON her case, charging one (named) person, and “persons unknown” in the U S Gvt with killing her husband. Her attorney proved that the 11th military intel group along with the 20th special forces and their 8 man sniper team were on site that day.. and that police protection teams were told to stand down. I have yet to hear or see ANY of this in the mainstream media.. Her attorney (a brave man no doubt just published a book on the whole trial..
    Lastly, it is widely known that Cronkite was a big one-worlder.. would he violate his integrity oath in journalism to further their cause? You damn right he would.. If you remember he was one of the many reporters that informed us of the Mauser rifle found (and shown on TV) in the “snipers nest in the TSBD.. A week later it suddenly (and magically) turned into a manlicher charcano which could be tied to Oswalt. No explanation has ever been given for the switch… incredible…
    If we ever right this ship I envision a trial not unlike the nuremburg trials where these traitors to America will be properly tried, then properly executed. One can hope i suppose…

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