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Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California

January 24, 2014

Most of the “the golden state” is now parched, baked and dried far beyond any historical precedent. Reservoirs are nearly empty, streams are drying up, and forests are dying by the day. Catastrophic fires will also continue to decimate California due to the engineered drought.

Dane Wigington

dane-wigington-mugMuch of the state went through all of 2013 with no significant rain. Why? What will it take to wake people up to the “weather warfare” being waged on them? Geoengineering reduces overall global rainfall totals (though it can also trigger regions of torrential flooding). Intentionally caused drought is weather warfare, period. There is a great deal of disinformation out there already and its getting worse by the day.

Even some of the biggest “alternative news sites” are helping to “toe the line” for the global elite by putting out articles on drought and “global cooling” which make no mention of the climate engineering at all. Yet, on the other hand, these same “news sites” claim to be aware of climate engineering and they say they are against it.

Which is it? How can they be aware of the geoengineering programs and yet put out climate article after climate article without so much as mentioning the elephant in the room that is climate engineering?

The articles from these “alternative media sites are even claiming all the chaotic weather is just “normal cycles”. This is exactly what corporate media does, so who’s side are these alternative media sites on? How is it possible that any weather in a completely engineered climate system is “normal”?  *** Continue

Drought Map North America


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  3. Would you please give my number to the woman who conducted a stop spraying booth at the Whole Earth Festivail in Davis? We exchanged info and now I can’t find hers. She was older and had personal experience with the detriments of chem trails. Thank you gwendalyn 775 292 0650

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