CHEMTRAILS: Video Captures Toxic Fallout After Object Explodes Over San Diego 9

While scanning a sky full of chemtrails this videographer captured an object literally exploding over a populated area of San Diego, CA.

Debris of unknown toxic pollution fell into residential neighborhoods presumed to contain real people, homes, gardens, lawns, swimming pools, water resources and wildlife habitat.

These types of environmental crimes occur in our skies every day.  Occasionally, someone with a camera is unlucky enough to capture the event.

San Diego Chem-Bomb Map


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  2. It’s a weather balloon. When they reach high altitude they burst just like any other balloon. Do a youtube search for weather balloon burst explodes and you’ll see others with telescopes have captured the same thing on film many times.

    Use your scope for contrailspotting. An 8″ scope should bring the plane’s actual tail numbers and livery colors into perfect focus.

  3. Some would have us believe that it’s perfectly normal and acceptable that weather balloons are designed to explode and spray hazardous material and falling metal objects over residential neighborhoods.

  4. It could also be an Amateur rocket firing. And the dumbest if as you assert it broke up over houses. What chemicals were detected in any of these Chemtrail videos? The video shows no houses is it breaking up over water or arid land as per usual? Was any Debris picked up or reported in local news? Is anyone suing for having debris in their house/yard?

  5. I challenged the author to produce a google map of the location where the balloon ruptured but never got a response. However I cannot imagine that a weather service would deliberately allow the debris to fall to earth in the way it apparently did, even if no neighborhoods were impacted through mostly “luck”. I also asked him to follow up on reports from the location but got no response. — Nexttime he posts something, we’ll know what to expect.

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