Luke Rudkowski Interviews Chemtrails Whistleblower, Kristen Meghan 2

Jan 21, 2014

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews Kristen Meghan, a U.S Air Force whistleblower.  Kristen shares her expert observations regarding the Air Force and U.S military connection with chemtrails. (Source)

Luke Rudkowski is a long-time supporter of 9/11 Truth activism and We Are Change


published by DoD in 1990

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  1. One of the comments I consistently hear from the non-believers is that using aerosols at such high altitudes would be extremely inefficient at infecting the targeted population. I happen to agree, HOWEVER, they aren’t simply targeting people, they are targeting EVERYTHING. Plant, animal, mineral, and vegetable are all in the crosshairs of these nefarious evil-doers. They are basically TERRAFORMING the planet..

    this is just my opinion-

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