Boeing 787 Spills Fuel on Runway as Passengers Alert Pilot and Crew 6

Norwegian Dreamliner passenger jet purges Fuel From starboard wing

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner – Fuel runs out of the airfoil at Sonia Henie-Dreamliner to English. The passengers were told by staff to Norwegian to delete pictures Photo: Ann Kristin Balto

“The fuel passenger aircraft of this type uses special paraffin mixtures , often referred to as Jet A -1. As viewers of the popular series Mythbusteres will have been joined , it is a fuel that is relatively difficult to ignite in liquid form , and they do not even managed to ignite a gas burner.  To ignite effectively requires the hand to be in an air mixture , and Jet A-1 has an evaporating temperature of over 38 degrees . There are currently significantly milder in Bangkok.”

Passenger video of accidental fuel purge

Original Youtube Video

ABC News Video 1/23/2014

Original Youtube Video

Previous 787 Fuel Spill From Left Wing in 2013

Original Youtube Video

Translaltion to English via Google – Original article

Ann Kristin Balto Tromso is one of the 285 passengers waiting the 19 hours delayed flight from Bangkok to Oslo.  She took the photo at the top of the case that shows how large amounts of fuel flows out of the right wing of the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft , adorned with ice ace Sonia Henie as the tail altogether.

When they discovered the error , they asked us not to take pictures because of explosion hazard. Those who had already taken pictures , asked the cabin crew if they could delete them , telling Balto Nordlys .

It flowed out of fuel
Fuel leakage stopped Norwegian aircraft

Passengers warned
More Northerners are traveling to the East . General Manager of Sparebank 1 Nord -Norge’s branch in Harstad , Lasse Hagerupsen , is a companion of six, and also noticed fuel leaking from the aircraft during taxiing .

As the plane taxied to the runway and was about to take off, more passengers began to smell gasoline. The passengers alerted flight attendants who in turn got it reported to the cockpit .

When the fuel ran out of the wing and half a meter long strip of fuel was by plane.

It could have gone bad?

Yes, it could , but there was no drama . Whatever it is naturally uncomfortable. There were several fire trucks and we were standing long runway .

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Asked passengers to delete pictures
The bank manager confirming that the attendants did not like that it was photographed by the Norwegian described as defects in a valve.

We were asked to delete the pictures. I did not because I did my traveling companions were sitting right over the wing . Not everyone got it, so there was no panic.

The flight was canceled and the nearly 300 passengers were bussed to different hotels.

Right after we received your cancellation efficiently and help, and that’s the way the English do not share agreements with other airlines such as SAS. ? It gives problems when things go wrong. I think we’ve been treated well , says Balto just before the plane will take off.

Missed the plane
Now we are sitting at the airport waiting for that check to open. There has been much ventid , she continues.

It’s not just on my way home to Norway there have been problems for Norwegian.  The plane was delayed seven hours when we were going to Thailand too. We strikes (missed) the plane to Phuket from Bangkok , said Hagerupsen .

English know little
Charlotte Holmbergh Jacobsson is press contact in English , and said first Nordlys that there were major technical problems with the aircraft.

The picture in front of me squirt the fuel out of the wing . Is not it pretty seriously ?

Yes, it ran out of fuel and it was noticed very soon after the aircraft taxied out . There was never any danger to the passengers .

Is it true that passengers alerted the cabin crew ?

No, I think not. A fuel leak reflected in the panel to the pilots and the lights flash to warn .

Deleting images is not a policy.  Why did passengers delete the photos they had taken of the leak ?

It sounds strange and is not a policy we have. The fact that our staff made ​​it ‘s not something we’ve heard before, so I do not know about right.  Beyond this, we have taken good care of the passengers and they were transported to the hotel where food and drink are covered . Now the plane repaired and retirement 4:00 local time . Norwegian sorry of course for everyone involved , says Holmbergh Jacobsson .

The many problems of Norwegian’s newly acquired Dreamliner fleet has given rise to the term “being ” Kjos -fast . ” Obviously named after the airline’s own profile Bjørn Kjos .

Sunday night at 19 here in Norway is the 1:00 at night in Bangkok. The plane is scheduled to take off at . 04.00 local time .

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Nettavisen NA24 Journal Header

Original Article

jos can say what he wants, we see the fuel flow from the wing .

This weekend was Norwegian’s Dreamliner delayed again , as it was described as a ” fuel leak ” was discovered after the plane was pushed out of the gate .

The picture on the passenger Ann Kristin Balto shows that fuel poured out of the right wing .

According to Norwegian’s Chief Charlotte Holmberg Jacobsson , this was basically harmless.

There was never any danger to the passengers , but the procedures are such that it is implementing a number of measures when something is discovered , she told the online newspaper NA24 .

Reputation Expert Trond Blindheim believes his side the picture that has now come out , the worst thing that could happen to the company.

I understand that they were asked to delete the pictures. The picture is, yes … it’s so bad. One thing is that there are problems with new aircraft and technical problems , but when it runs out of fuel wings , I’d fucking gone , says Blindheim the online newspaper NA24 .

Look at it when it runs out – and that’s a big mud puddle ! When we hear something bad , we say happily that it is the worst we ‘ve heard , and when you see something you say that it’s the worst thing you ‘ve ever seen, and for once this phrase is right , says expert reputation.

Many people are anxious about the flight, and you shall surely into the air, and generally goes well, but when it runs petrol … The picture is killing ! ” Let the picture tell the story ,” he says .

Blindheim no longer know quite how English should rectify the damage to their reputation .

I do not know exactly what it takes. The frequency of the message is not good, it will lookup for lookup, and now it stopped. There are lots of people who are involved in delays and large coverage of social dumping. And now we see that the fuel flow out of the wings of the new aircraft . It’s the worst thing that can happen.

I think they need to take the aircraft completely out of traffic, they can not have it so , and make sure it is 100 percent in order when it comes to traffic again . This is very basic . “Can it explode ? ” Thought the people . ” The tank leaking for f *** , get me out of the plane ,” A picture says a thousand words , and Kjos can say what he wants, but we see the fuel flow from the wing .

Boeing is responsible

Norwegian’s Chief Lasse Sandakerveien Nilesen says that the leak was caused by a valve failure.  It must have been problems with a valve. Boeing is responsible for maintenance , you will need to contact them , he told online newspaper NA24 .

Newspaper has been in contact with Boeing , who investigates the case.
Due to it ‘s smoking

The fuel passenger aircraft of this type uses special paraffin mixtures , often referred to as Jet A -1. As viewers of the popular series Mythbusteres will have been joined , it is a fuel that is relatively difficult to ignite in liquid form , and they do not even managed to ignite a gas burner.

To ignite effectively requires the hand to be in an air mixture , and Jet A-1 has an evaporating temperature of over 38 degrees . There are currently significantly milder in Bangkok.

Deputy Jo Bear Skatvold in Norwegian Pilot Association ( NPA ) says that events like this can happen.

– ” Jet fuel ” is anything like kerosene, and when it says that there is no smoking , there is a reason for it may be gas mixtures such, he says – and continues:

As regards the incident to English , so it can sometimes happen and it ‘s supposed to be like that. One must always assume that there is something wrong with the aircraft , and this must be checked out , and passengers should know that there is safety comes first.

Wear or wrong

How often does this happen?

It happens occasionally , it can be wear and it can be wrong, and it must be repaired , according Skatvold .

What would the consequences be if this happened in the air?

First and foremost, the loss of fuels , which means that you must land before, as has happened on occasion in the past, says Skatvold.



  1. Who knows what the consequences might be if it happened in the air but it would be most interesting to somehow collect random samples of Av-gas from major airline aviation fuel storage tanks around the world to see what chemicals and additives have been included …. like Aluminium Nitrates etc. etc.

    • Storage tanks are largely a thing of the past.

      New systems use underground piping where fuel is pumped from remote sources where additives are added or subtracted daily with the remote turn of a valve. Line fueling crew member at TPA informed me of this last year….,H

  2. “This video has been removed by the user”!
    Hope you did not get into trouble for uploading this video.
    I know corporations can turn into real beasts as soon as you point out to their problems in the open public.

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