Dane Wigington Update on Chemtrails and the Climate Industrial Complex 3

dane-wigington-mugRegardless our opinion on Global Warming and CO2, It’s becoming obvious that a significant part of surface heating is caused by massive amounts of aerosol spraying.

Water vapor is bound in the atmosphere to act as a powerful Greenhouse gas to further warm the climate while driving drought. The record lack of rainfall in California is only the most recent example.

We now see the oil companies moving into the arctic to drill at higher latitudes while Monsanto increasingly moves into position to dominate the global food supply with toxic GMO’s – some with aluminum and drought-resistant engineered seeds.


  1. Can you say “Trans Pacific Partnership” ? The next, probably last, ounce of America’s sovereignty SENT to the UNITED NATIONS’ backers, same as FEDERAL RESERVE BACKERS. Gotta stop it !

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