ALERT: NSA Can View Your Cell Phone and Computer Screen Remotely 2

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NSA TEMPEST Attack can remotely view your computer and cell phone screen using radio waves!

This is a public service announcement.  Using an antenna and some gadgets from your local electronics store, you can spy on your neighbors TV.  If you think that’s scary, the National Security Agency can view your cellphone screen from over a kilometer away, listen to signals from your monitor cable, and use your computer’s power supply to snoop on you.  This security flaw inherent in all digital devices is the greatest threat to our privacy and has massive implications for the future of the entire digital world.

This article will give some examples of how this technology works, why it matters, and provide you with a plethora of research links to get educated about this rarely discussed topic.  I encourage you to read the links, protect your sensitive material as best you can, and demand the same electromagnetic protection for consumer products that the military expects.  Though the NSA is not likely to be using this technique on average citizens, you can rest assured that multi-billion dollar corporations are using TEMPEST attacks to keep tabs on activists, Congressmen, and bankers alike.  *** continue


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  2. Yes, I am not surprised this is going on. I’ve had this new for a long time. They can also view who you are by reversing the polarity of your monitor to act as a camera..go figure!

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