The Pentagon: More Forensic Evidence Demands 9/11 Justice 13

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Rob Balsamo mugPatriot and professional pilot, Rob Balsamo continues in pursuit of 9/11 Justice

This brilliant forensic analysis adds iron-clad evidence for the government coverup of 9/11.

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You are the Jury as new and existing evidence is gathered with regard to the aviation related events of September 11, 2001. Anaylsis includes in depth study of the Departure Gate at Dulles, In-Flight navigation and alignment combined with further scrutiny of the data provided by government agencies which far exceed the capabilities of the alleged aircraft reported. Encompassing a fresh comprehensive examination into the extreme speeds reported based on new evidence as it compares to precedent set by other aircraft accidents on the record with respect to manufacturer limitations… and more. Exhibits are presented making a strong case for new independent investigation into the day which changed our world.


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  2. I am so frustrated with how people..most people..will NOT even stop to look at the overwhelming mountain of SOLID SCIENTIFIC data that PROVES the official story of 911 is a LIE! Why is it such a sacred cow? I was prohibited from mentioning the two lawmakers request for a congressional investigation on the local radio show in which I sidekick. The host has finally gotten on board with chemtrails… THAT took me two years of emails, videos, pictures,and physically showing the &#%@ things to him… I can’t get him to connect the dots from 911 to “patriot act” to illegal war for profit and control to stripping of our rights afforded us by our Constitution. I can see it.. You obviously can see it… Is it now out there in obviousville for everyone to see???

    • I think its because people are condition to believe that questioning the government is a conspiracy theory and they instantly shut down their brain to listening to much of the evidence.

      Also the powers at be has diluted the web and other resources with so much information its too hard to see all the elements at 911.. Also for many people it has been career suicide to stand up.. as the ones who have have been fired and or discredited.

      Despite my background in military demolition, people won’t even listen to me most of the time on the subject.. they have a hard time wrapping their head around many aspects of it.

      My findings show that more than just demolition was at play here… ABC reported that the engineers who worked at the firm who built the towers said that their best guess for the missing building material is that it simple vaporized… and I am here to tell you this happening is impossible with your standard high explosives.. Steel can’t vaporize from demolition.. To be clear I am not saying high explosives wasn’t used.. I am just stating it can’t be the only thing used.

      Also Judy Woods (Book = Where did the towers go? ) brings up many good points.. such as why did some of the victims take off their clothes in the towers? This is plainly visible from some of the pictures of the individuals outside the windows.. This is something no one would do in a fire as clothes protect you.. Why did the columns role together horizontally and not smash downards.


      Also watch the ABC news report on youtube by searching “9/11 ABC News – ground zero, steel dust, WTC demolition”


      • Judy Wood’s offerings are a distraction to the central issue that the towers were deliberately destroyed….period

        I’ve read most of her stuff and she does more to cloud the issue and insult the AE911Truth group than to do what is necessary to demand justice.

        Her actions are in the category of deliberate distraction as if she was put up to it.


    • Cloud the issue? she is clearly showing that the planes had nothing to do with the collapse.. If anything she showed me many things I had missed that also dont make sense for the official story. Hardly a distraction.

      • Yes…but we already knew the planes had nothing to do with the tower and WTC-7 collapses long before Judy Wood arrived.

        She also spoke with deep (and unwarranted) criticism of AE911 Truth group and Richard Gage who had already presented the evidence for deliberate demolition _beyond a reasonable doubt._

        Instead of joining AE911 Truth, Judy preferred to create a nasty divide with her own pack of supporters who attacked AE911…an unnecessary distraction where that energy could have been spent getting the DoJ to act for a new investigation.

  3. I am fascinated with Dr Wood’s work.. and it wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that we used some type of Teslaesque particle beam energy weapon to destroy towers 1 and 2. Building 7 was blown, IMHO, with traditional demolition charges (although I would like to hear PK’s take on this).
    What we as Americans, and more importantly HUMAN BEINGS, are facing is technology that the military industrial complex has scooped up, classified and then weaponized. We are talking about technology that could change the world for the better.. feed the hungry, turn deserts into lakes, eliminate the need for fossil fuels, and so on and so on.. Instead, it gets weaponized to kill people.

    • I do think conventional demolition was used on all the buildings in some form or another. I think a combination of things were used on the towers to not only make people argue over what was used, but also to break things up into smaller pieces so whatever weapon they used to vaporize things would have less trouble doing so… I think they wanted to keep clean up to a minimum and get past the whole event after they achieved their end game. No sense and risking leaving evidence laying around..

      As far as tower 7 goes, I know there was demo in that building, as one thing I noticed on this video at 7 mins 57 seconds (youtube[DOT]com/watch?v=JnLcUxV1dPo) you can see on the right side that there is shock tube flashes running up the window… There is video of shocktube firing on youtube if you want to see an example of what it looks like.. this is what is used to set off high explosives at the end of the shock tube is a blasting cap.

      I also believe it is possible that another weapon was used and possibly partially failed as I do not think they intended for tower 7 to fall as it did… and I am surprised NIST settled on fire as the cause.. to me I think most fireman would call BS on this.. as 10 floors on fire would not cause a symmetrical collapse in approx 6 seconds.

      If you notice in the same video above in the slow motion you can see it appears to me that everything inside the building on the left side fell for a few seconds possibly disintegration inside… maybe the left side of the building internally was vaporized right before the entire building comes down symmetrically . It sounds a bit crazy, but it would explain why the “penthouse” that everyone argues about came down with the left side prior to the complete failure of every column in the building. Who knows how they can conclude that over 80 columns failed throughout the building because of approx 10 floor son fire..

      But in no way in hell do I believe that this building came down from fire.

      Nist corrected their first report and said there was 108 floors of free fall..

      That is just impossible from fire. That means ZERO resistance.

      And considering this is the only building in history to “collapse due to fire” as NIST stated, and it was LEAST investigated building, no steel was collected, nothing was tested for explosives.. its pretty clear that whatever did happen was not suppose to be discovered.
      They also had a number of people saying it was coming down prior to it collapsing, but this is something that has never happened on a building from fire so what made people believe the building was coming down? Even the news reported it numerous times throughout the day hours prior to is demise.

      Also the spontaneous health issues of Barry Jennings and death a few days prior to the final report on the building being published is suspicious to say the least if nothing else.

    • AE911Truth has performed more public education of the Truth behind 9/11 than any individual or group. All of their videos have been distributed on 7 languages around the globe. Like a novel, Judy Wood is interesting but her work has done far less to educate the public than Richard Gage’s organization. Too bad.

      • Yes they have – I would never dispute that. I look at it like this: to the average American who stumbles through life, pays his taxes, watches the evening news, loves baseball, apple pie and his mother, the thought that his own government would lie to him, much less kill thousands of it’s own citizens, is a paradigm that their minds CAN’T formulate. On any level. By using science – physics,- proven laws of motion – these professional people can breach that gap. Just getting people to LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE is their best attribute – IMHO.
        Once people DO look and begin to pour through all the images and the reports.. especially the interviews with first responders talking about the small size of the debris (“nothing bigger than a phone pad”), THEN Dr Wood’s theories can come into play. Something pulverized the concrete into dust – something beyond a simple detonated explosive. Could it be a directed energy weapon? Sure it could… Most have no clue what technology the military has weaponized. It may even be the same laseresque machine that zapped the oil platform, or the fertilizer plant in Texas. Who knows?
        What I DO know is this: as soon as we begin arguing amongst ourselves our effectiveness is kaput…I refuse to be part of that.. this is way too important for that. EVERYTHING hangs in the balance.. it may be too late already-

  4. Thank you for the information PK… NIST was obviously told to obfuscate the true cause of the building 7 collapse as they were busted at one of their news conferences by a high school physics teacher. As I understand it, after they were forced to concede free fall speed DID occur, they settled on “we just don’t know” as their conclusion to the event. Incredible…
    I have studied the events of that day.. and studied, and studied, and studied. The fact that the Port Authority would lease the WTC complex to someone (Larry Silverstein) after decades of ownership threw up a flag, as did Silverstein’s insistance that an “act of terrorism” clause be added to his insurance policy. I suppose it would behoove me to ask you – as a demolition expert – on the meaning of “pull it”.. IS that the term widely understood in your business to mean blow it up? The notion that Larry would admit saying such – on national television no less – speaks volumes regarding the audacity of these powerful, evil men…
    What do you know about nano thermite? Could that explain some of the stranger manifestations seen after the buildings fell?


  5. Its nice to have someone on the other end with a bit of common sense… I swear some of the people I have discussed this with are ridiculous.. I remember one “debunking video” where the guy actually said that because the 767 had a bigger/longer wing span than a 707 it caused more damage… Seriously? IN what Hollywood movie would we find this believable?

    And the whole thing about fire flowing &/or jet fuel down 78+ floors down the elevator shafts past the elevator and still having enough explosive power to knock people off their feet, marble off the wall, and shatter windows… on the bottom floor?! Who writes this stuff!

    Yea the whole thing with Larry is fishy..

    There a few odd things with this building..

    It had asbestos and had to be renovated, with some estimates putting it more than the building is worth.

    Yet they invested in a whole new elevator system in March of 2001.. which would give them great access to the middle of the building (core columns!!) without anyone the wiser.

    50% Power outages days or week(s) prior to 911 that were reported by tenants as unheard of because of the massive operation it is to shut down the servers etc.

    Some article/blogpost/report (?) i read a while back (unconfirmed) I read said the building was suffering from galvanic corrosion.. The siding of the building had aluminum and touching other metals and near sea water… this is a very bad combo. which would also make this a very unwise investment choice..

    WTC7 – John Kerry said I think they did it in a Controlled fashion..

    There was a number of other slip ups by Chaney, and Rumsfeld about missiles and the like / plane shot (Flight 93) down etc..

    As far as the term “Pull it”

    I have thought long an hard about having heard this term being used. I dont think its an obligatory term used all the time in Military demolition… It maybe used more in civilian demo, because they usually deal more with bringing down buildings.. and they talk more on the radio.. where in combat you do things a bit differently.. (we also use the formula P for plenty when calculating the amount of demo to use).. while yes we talking on the radio, but we do a count down.. and usually said fire in the hole.. depending on the person calling the shots. IN my unit we were trained in building breaching, shape charges, landmines etc and eliminating caches and IEDs with C4.

    However I can see where this would be usable phrase because it is exactly what you are doing when you detonating explosives using an M-81 fuse igniter. I would imagine when I was in training the drill sergeant explained how to use the M-81 he probably mentioned you have to “Pull it” or pull the pin out .. but I can’t recall it being a common phrase however I won’t say we didn’t use it, it was in the moment and probably to describe the action of pulling the igniter..

    I can clearly see that this term could easily be used to describe the action of detonating explosives.

    And I can’t fathom Larry meaning it any other way… as the Firefighters were out by 11am from what I understood.. and you wouldn’t say pull it, referring to a person.. maybe pull them out.. or call it off.

    if you want to keep in touch shoot me an email at rmbrnineoneone AT gmail DOT COM if you come upon anything else or have any more questions feel free to shoot me an email. I maybe able to share some docs with you as well.

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