Chemtrails Report to IWATCH Authorities 1-18-2014 6

Chemtrails Report to IWATCH Authorities 1-18-2014

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iWatch Report filed 0910 HRS – 1-18-2014

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Unnatural persistent contrails and cirrus clouds aggravate global warming


Report:  Unnatural aerosol emissions in the skies over Alachua County.  Persistent contrails appear truncated in the sky.

Witnessed 2 jet aircraft spraying aerosols at noon on 12/17/2014 on a heading of approximately 180 deg.

Also, unnatural Cirrus cloud formations observed in the morning on 12/17.

These artificial clouds  are of unknown toxicity and are well known by atmospheric scientists to aggravate global warming by increasing surface temperatures.


  1. I live in Alabama and we are sprayed daily.. some days are worse than others, of course, but there are some days that I cannot keep up with the numerous chemdumps going on above my head. What is the goal here? I can understand doing reporting ALL of the chemtrails if the goal here is to show the “authoritïes” how widespread and large this program happens to be.. Because there are some mornings that I have counted over thirty sorties in less than an hour.. There are so many that i cannot take pictures fast enough.
    Something else.. I had this discussion (via email) with G Edward Griffin – the planes that I see releasing aerosols are NOT commercial airplanes. I have yet to ID a single domestic passenger laden airliner that sprays chemtrails on us! I use flightaware, Fltradar24, and planefinder utilities too..

  2. Last night under a full moon, dozens of white sprays were being deployed over Santa Monica, Malibu, West LA. Looked like they were coming right out of the ocean, giant spray plumes that persisted for many hours. Waking up today, any more sprays are being deployed.

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