Geoengineering Global Climate A Potential Disaster Reply

chemtrails-in-the-troposphere-SAGNightmare Scenario: Chemtrails covertly sprayed in the Troposphere to weaponize the climate will require Geoengineering to Fix the Warming Created by Chemtrails.

By Western Morning News | Posted: January 15, 2014

The rhetoric may have cooled slightly as the debate about climate change shifts and some of the most extreme temperature rises appear to have been over-stated.

However most scientists don’t believe we are out of the woods or that action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions aren’t needed. But what about more radical methods? Might we use technology that has already been developed to artificially cool the planet to reverse the warming that has been recorded in recent decades?

Not if research carried out by scientists at Exeter University are to be believed. They have found that artificially cooling planet would cause climate chaos that could be more devastating, over a shorter timescale, than the impact of warming.  *** coninue

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