Deforestation Has Extreme Consequences to Global Warming Reply

Deforestation scientific American

“Deforestation Adds More Atmospheric CO2 than the Sum Total of Cars & Trucks on the World’s Roads” (Source)

Comment: For those who agree with the UN/IPCC version of Global Warming/Climate Change, this article presents compelling reasons to oppose new developments that clear-cut existing woodlands that, not only destroy habitat, but add tremendous Greenhouse gas pollution to the atmosphere. In Gainesville and Alachua County Florida, PLUM CREEK, INC is planning a 10,000 home plus commercial development that will remove trees and vegetation that turns CO2 into oxygen through photosynthesis. See EnvisionAlachua website

By most accounts, deforestation in tropical rainforests adds more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere than the sum total of cars and trucks on the world’s roads. According to the World Carfree Network (WCN), cars and trucks account for about 14 percent of global carbon emissions, while most analysts attribute upwards of 15 percent to deforestation.

The reason that logging is so bad for the climate is that when trees are felled they release the carbon they are storing into the atmosphere, where it mingles with greenhouse gases from other sources and contributes to global warming accordingly. The upshot is that we should be doing as much to prevent deforestation as we are to increase fuel efficiency and reduce automobile usage. *** continue

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