Video Evidence of Drought-Forcing Caused by Chemtrail Spraying 4

secretary-of-defense_william s cohen weather warfare


A sequence of pictures taken on 7.17.12 in Gainesville, Florida show a thunderhead unable to form underneath an artificial layer of nano-particulates. This was NOT an isolated event…ALL the thunderhead formations were being disrupted on that day. Florida’s drought is being caused by aerosol engineering!

Here’s a comment from ‘P.A.’, found on my Hatrick Penry WordPress Blog, in regards to this video:

‘The exact same thing is happening in Tucson, Arizona, and I have noticed that the clouds build up above the mountains, but they spray chemtrails all along the mountain range above the normal clouds and then the REAL clouds actually evaporate right before your eyes. This has never happened before. The REAL clouds usually get bigger and drop rain, not actually get smaller and disappear before your eyes! This has been the driest year I have seen in 40 years.’ ~P.A.

Comment by Blake from Texas:

‘Exact same thing is happening at Dallas,Texas. Every day they spray here, especially when a weather front is moving in, or thunder heads are trying to build, like the video shown above. The air-liner jets start flying low, so the chem-trail jets can do their dirty deeds up above. When I water the yard,and plants, a white substance shows, it looks like white paint, and it is everywhere in the soil. No doubt its from the aerosol — chem-trail spraying. The ground also dries out real fast. I plan on having this tested, to see all the toxic material that is in it. It is like a 110 degrees here in Dallas Texas right now, and we cannot get any rain, because of the chem-trails. It is so obvious as to what is going on.’

Sources and related articles

Amarillo Texas farmer experience with chemtrails, heavy metal and DU radiation poisoning of crops and health-related issues.

Rosalie Bartels explains characteristics of  depleted uranium used in military weapons and the health consequences when DU enters the body.


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