Max Bliss Introduces the Chemtrails Topic to Newly Curious Reply

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Chicken Little Was Right! Or, SAG, Aerial Aerosol Spraying, and ‘Chemtrails’

December 31, 2013

The term ‘Chemtrails’ first reached my attention a couple of years ago when a piece of film by Max Bliss popped up in the margin on YouTube.  I’d never heard the term before, but when I looked up the definition I will admit that I felt a wave of extreme skepticism.  The idea that those white plumes trailing behind many of the planes we see in the sky should be something sinister seemed bizarre to me then.  For one thing, why on earth would anyone want to do that?

Since then I have researched much further.  If you are new to Chemtrails, and want to know more, Mr Max Bliss explains here, and there is a lot more information out there now, and indeed, below in the rest of this piece. *** Continue

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