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CHEMTRAILS are not the same as GEOENGINEERING and hopefully we can remain united in order to stop the pollution of our skies!

Disinformation has taught millions to believe the lie.
Regardless, we will show you the proof step by step, in hopes that you will come to understand the GLOBAL WARMING / GEOENGINEERING SCAM a LIE, that is being sold worldwide without PUBLIC CONSENT because YOU THE PUBLIC never OBJECTED to it in the first place.

This is their rationale. DEFAULT JUDGEMENT goes to the Corporations and Law makers who are literally getting away with MURDER.

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  1. I changed the widespread use of the word “Chemtrail” to “Geoengineering” a little over two years ago to get the discussion into mainstream science blogs. My monkey wrench plan worked better than expected.

    • Changing chemtrails to geoengineering was an over-reach that has increased the level of confusion.

      Yes, geoengineering is an accepted term but it describes an operation that is not yet in place for the reasons in my article.

      Not even Carnicom has accepted “geoengineering” to replace chemtrails.

      Activists need to start consulting with each other before making sweeping edicts.

  2. For the purpose of acceptable scientific discussion terminology, we now use the word “Geo-Engineering” to refer to jet contrail chemicals (Chemtrails) being sprayed in our skies, so as not to be dismissed out of hand as a conspiracy theory that people are brainwashed to do.

    It’s a small price to pay, to stop using our favorite terminology “Chemtrail”, in order to trick people into debating the issue with us. The change in rhetoric is working like a charm. I get past the filters on the #1 science blog, Watts Up With That, quite often using the new terminology.

    • Michael,
      Show me the data that chemtrails can be called geoengineering when they fail to meet the Royal Society definition of geoengineering?

      We can rename chemtrails to “persistent jet trails”, but to call it geoengineering is not scientific because it assigns “intent” and “agenda” rather that a simple description of the emission.

      Pleaseconsider that the troposphere is not the stratosphere where the term “geoengineering” is intended. ie: SAG” not “TAG”

      Read my article again with this in mind.

    • Sorry, but changing chemtrails to geoengineering is disinformation – no matter how well intended.

      Let’s work on funding the right word. So far, “geoengineering’ has not worked to stop chemtrails either.

  3. Harold,

    I understand the technical definitions, but out of frustration of being dismissed out of hand because people are brainwashed to dismiss “conspiracy theories” with a nee jerk reaction, I implemented the Zionist technique of deception to combat the cognitive dissonance. Fighting fire with fire.

    What we see with our eyes in the sky is done under the guise of geoengineering to “save the planet and control global warming/climate change, no matter what they are actually doing.

    When I discuss the smoke trails in the sky with people, the reason why I explain is for geo-engineering purposes to fix climate change. Chemtrails is the product of geoengineering for whatever purpose.

    I have had great success with Rick Scott’s office and local elected representatives discussing the matter. As long as I avoid saying the word chemtrails when discussing the issue, I am not immediately sent away.

    What we really need now is a top secret document leaked that is authorizing the taxpayer money for these programs.

    I’m sorry if I ruffled some feathers unintentionally, but the change has opened up the discussion to a wider audience. I was not satisfied keeping the discussion confined to the conspiracy theory community with calling what we see in the skies calling them only “chemtrails”. I fully acknowledge the disinformation deception involved.

    Thank you, and I do really appreciate all the work you are doing to raise awareness.

    • The point is that “geoengineering” is not the truth of what is happening.

      It’s disinformation that allows some people to feel comfortable but achieves no real progress. Trolls are the only people who will accuse you of being conspiracy theorists for saying “chemtrails”…it doesn’t count.

      Chemtrails was invented by the DoD and is defined as an exotic weapon in HR-2977. I have a PDF copy of the chemtrails manual on my website…Chemtrails is defined in the Oxford dictionary ….so Chemtrails is a REAL word with a real definition used by people all over the planet to describe what they see.

      The say that spraying aerosols in the troposphere is geoengineering to mitigate global warming is dishonest. Case closed.

  4. P.S.
    I’m also trying to change the widely accepted terminology “Sustainable Development” to “Sequestration Development” and “Smart Growth” to “Smart Grab” where the Agenda 21ers are trying to sequester our private land to permanently take it away from us. It’s very difficult to break through the psychological barriers. I’m not avers to using political double speak against our enemies.

    • Here’s my argument:

      Development of any kind requires generation of greenhouse gases to support more carbon emitting human beings on the planet. How can any development be sustainable if it leads to increased population to feed the federal reserve Ponzi scheme of economic growth.?

  5. Harold,
    You and I are on the same page when it comes to our understanding of the economic situation, monetary policy, globalization, who our slave masters are and what they are up to. I actually enjoy the semantics debate concerning geoengineering vs chemtrails. Whatever keeps the conversation going and whatever the outcome.

    Our overlords are getting ready to introduce overt geoengineering into the public sphere and are testing how comfortable the public is going to be with it. David Keith on Stephen Colbert was just a getting our feet wet with the idea. The science blogs seem to be completely against it.

    In the end I feel the only thing that will stop the psychopaths is a complete and total economic collapse. The money has to be completely cut off from the beast. Unfortunately it will get a whole lot worse before it gets better. The stock market feels like pre dot-com NASDAQ bubble bust days. The next economic money bubble bust will be a doozy.

    • Malthus was mostly right. The economic model of (unsustainable) “growth” with the Federal Reserve as the engine driving the Ponzi scheme has created way too many people to consume dwindling resources. Enter Monsanto.

      Seven billion may not be too many humans if the evolution of knowledge had not been suppressed by a controlling minority driven by greed. ie: suppressed access to public sources of energy, education without weaponization of inventions and commodities.

      But most humans are driven by greed. History shows that poor people will turn into tyrants given the money, power and opportunity.

      My wife tells me that the human race is a failed experiment. Time will tell…and the ticking is getting much louder.

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