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The covert operation of spraying aerosol pollution (chemtrails) from jet aircraft over populated areas is nothing less than an ACT of TERRORISM

dr-russell_blaylock-mug-CaptionIndeed, citizens are psychologically and physically traumatized when they witness endless days of  jet aircraft aerosol emissions that infect the breathable air with known and unknown pollutants.

Chemtrails as terrorism is an inescapable conclusion when neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock warns that breathing aerosol particulates of aluminum can lead to an “explosive increase in neurodegenerative diseases”.

It may be no coincidence that a 2013 report now recognizes Alzheimers and dementia as a global health epidemic. (source)

Reporting acts of terrorism includes reporting the terrorism of covert spraying of aerosol pollution over human populations, wildlife, forestry, agriculture, water supplies and wildlife.

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” If the atmosphere is near saturation, the contrail may exist for some time. Conversely, if the atmosphere is dry, the contrail will dissipate quickly.”


  1. We live too close to McDill AFB for it to be accidental that we have been inundated with chemtrails for at least 6 or 7 years, increasingly. We just now took more pictures, which we have started to do a few years ago, and we cannot enjoy the sunsets any more as they are obviously loaded with the days quota of “trails”. The chemical array of toxins does make for some spectacular sunsets.

    On the night of October 24 around midnight to 1:00 AM 10/25/13, I looked towards the North northwest into the dark night, as I glanced in time to see a huge phosphorescent modified “teardrop” dropping down from the sky. The location would seem to have been about St. Petersburg on the beach. Someplace I found something like it on one if the geoengineering etc. sites, or on a video, and I grabbed the frame to copy it, but I could not find the source. As I recall, it was maybe something about the developments being put into the lineup of the stuff coming up: maybe it was the BAE info. about “research” with University of Florida ( TAMPA/ST.PETE.)

    Does anyone have any information on such a “chembomb” I am calling it ?

    • Chembombs appear to be aerial deployments in cluster releases rather than trails. Seen almost exclusively over oceans I suspect they could be aerosol rocket launces from marine sites. See the latest iWatch report to see the “bombs” from satellite view.

      • I called this a “chem bomb” on night of October 24 ~ 11:29 PM but with black night background seen north northwest probably around ~ St. Petersburg beach: 2f7f4c889beba4b6630ce3581f838f2a.jpg 720 x 540 pixels – 127k by Olaf Rojo (What I saw 10/24/13was this close, night background, but a straight down drop ) St. Pete beach Is ~ N/NW of Palma Sola Bay, south of Tampa Bay, Bradenton, Florida

        12/25/13 8:38 AM-THIS IS PRETTY MIUCH WHAT WE HAVE HAD FOR THE LAST MONTH OR SO. all day and night. We get it every day MCDILL AFB is north of us across Tampa Bay.



  2. I live in Columbia, SC and my sky is full of chemicals. The fact that they are spraying this garbage is not even remotely being hidden. It amazes me how many people I tell to look up have no clue about this. How can this be stooped and do we really know why it is being done?

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