Chemtrails Report to IWATCH Authorities 12-24-2013 7

iWATCH Chemtrails is Terrorism Header


Date: 12/24/2013

Time 1408 HRS
JetBlue Airways
B6391 / JBU391
Airbus A320-232
Reg. N649JB (A88774)
Squawk 3444

Comments: Activated Aerosol spraying over Alachua County. Aerosols turned off briefly (see photo) then turned on again during descent to TPA


  1. I`m waiting to get the same evidence in the UK. Then I will commence a prosecution of compensation for loss of power for my solar panels. Its very true, from almost 4 KW I get only 800 watts once the chemtrails kick in. It takes only one and a half hours to do this.

    They are almost spraying every day over the whole UK. When they are not over the land mass, they are chemming out at sea over the Atlantic, The wind of course blowing inland. This then either circulates as an anti-cyclone above the U.K. or is blasted across Europe by Harrp. Both of which have occurred in the last two weeks. Many only yesterday and today. There are vodeos on youtube from yesterday (December 24th).
    Strange how these are happening on days like thanksgiving and Christmas. Good time to practice and test the weather weapons when half of the population need to travel. Suppose its just to piss us off.

    Haarp might be busy over Christmas. However, since Christmas eve, all chemtrails appear to have stopped. The pilots are obviously on their festive leave whilst watching the weather forecasts.

    The Radar satellites have clearly recorded the Haarp waves prior to our most devastating floods on record in many parts of the U.K.

    In the UK we can issue legal proceedures online for just £25.00,

    I think this would be the sort of case genuine truth seekers of the media would like. The larger solar farms costing over £50,000,000 would have a field day. After all, the whole purpose of chemtrailing is OFFICIALLY to block out and stop sunlight ! Is it possible that the energy industry is chipping in their bit to promote the aerosol scam?

    Naaaah, no rat holes go that deep. Mmmm . . . .

    • To make the subject pallitable, perhaps these solar stakeholders would be impressed with future plans to send H2SO4 into the stratosphere to block (even more) sunlight. This is covered in MSM and is a legitimate concern to organizations like the ETC group. The future of waking up leaders to chemtrails is to engage the concerns of those who are against what the geoengineers and John Haldron have publicly stated as the future for climate control.

  2. Terrified people are calling me from all over the USA and CA. No doubt that Chemtrails are domestic terrorism that should be reported to the Sheriff and authorities IMMEDIATELY!

  3. We had a large X sprayed in the sky here on XMAS morning long before sunrise. It shone through moon light. Then a commerical jet left another trail just at sunrise. I have the tail numbers.

  4. Chemtrails are about many things, but importantly about increasing the conductivity of the atmosphere to react with powerful electromagnetic transmitters distributed all over the globe. Look at the ripple clouds to see how conductive aerosols react to EM forces.

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