Chemtrails Report to IWATCH Authorities 12-9-2013 2

Iwatch DHS Header

IWATCH Video Presentaion for 13 Counties in Florida

IWATCH Report Alachua County, FL

Harold Saive – 12/9/2013

Event time: Circa 1715 Hrs local time:
Aircraft Documentaion Using Flight Radat24

IWATCH Report Alachua County, FL
Event time, Circa 0730 Hrs local time:
Aircraft Documentaion = Flight Radat24
Type Aircraft:  McDonnel-Douglas MD-82
Aircraft ID: Flt AAL40

Description of Complaint

Several unusual Jet aircraft contrail emissions in the morning sky over Alachua County that appear to be more than water vapor and contain an unknown pollution from a highly probable aerosol compound deployed from the aircraft.


1) Contrails were abrupt “on and off” for no reason that atmospheric conditions could support.
2) Contrails did not dissipate but instead lingered and spread in the sky contrary to atmospheric conditions that require near saturated relative humidity for such persistence at 34,000 ft.

IWATCH AAL40-Chemtrails 12-9-2013


  1. Harold,

    Thank you for well documenting the highly suspicious chemtrails and that lack of any record of commercial flights passing along the tracks of the chemtrails.

    I hope that you are sharing these flight data with appropriate public officials and private opinion leaders.

    I have been unable to view any maps or aircraft locations or flight tracings from Flight Radat24.

    Have you any suggestions for how to view that data?


    • You could help by talking about this issue in public and recommending an investigation.

      In case you missed it, all these reports are filed with iWatch – a data entry point for suspected terrorist activities. iWatch is a program from the DHS that interfaces with County Sheriff offices like Sadie Darnell in Alachua County and ultimately to the DHS. This means that DHS “owns” this information and can either choose to act on it or ignore it.

      But the fact remains that the Sheriff and DHS “OWN” this information once it’s reported through the iwatch interface.

      There are currently 13 Florida counties enrolled in the iWatch reporting system of suspected terrorist activity.

      Chemtrails are a form of terrorism. Think about it.

      If you agree, repeat this to everyone you know.

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