Chemtrails Report to IWATCH Authorities 12-22-2013 2

Iwatch DHS Header

IWATCH Video Presentaion for 13 Counties in Florida

IWATCH Report Alachua County, FL

Harold Saive – 12/22/2013

Event time: Circa 1715 Hrs local time:
Aircraft Documentaion Using Flight Radat24
Type Aircraft:  CR J7
Aircraft ID:  n740sk
Registration:  A9F424

Description of Complaint

Unusual Jet aircraft contrail emissions over Alachua County and North Florida that appear to be more than water vapor and contain unknown pollution from apparent aerosol compound deployed from the aircraft.


1) Persistent jet trails emissions that do not meet atmospheric criteria for normal, persistent water vapor generated “contrails”.
2) Trails did not dissipate but instead lingered and spread in the sky contrary to atmospheric conditions not conducive for persistent contrails emissions.

Iwatch 12-22-2013_1715 Hrs-b


    • As you learn more about the details of the chemtrail operation, you may come to realizing this covert spraying operation as the most important public health issue of the century.

      If you think nanoparticulate emissions from a biomass plant is dangerous, expand this to chemtrail nano-alumina and barium, sprayed 24/7 in every country and ocean on earth.

      Wonder why dementia and alzheimers is sky-rocketing around the planet?. Wonder why Monsanto is capturing the global market on suicide seeds…most recently in Brazil?

      It’s all about “black profiteering” in an unregulated world of criminocracy.

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