UN/IPCC is Correct to Deny Solar Radiation Management Programs Are Active 12

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Confusion went viral with the misunderstanding that Solar Radiation Management is synonymous with “Chemtrails”

First we correct an error concerning the interpretation of the IPCC 5th Assessment report.  Page 27 is a recommendation to policy makers and contains language that could have been made less ambiguous with the insertion of two words. “to be”.  After we correct the error, let’s go back to the first sentence to discover the troubling definition and consequences of geoengineering.

Limited evidence precludes a comprehensive quantitative assessment of both Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) and their impact on the climate system.

CDR methods have biogeochemical and technological limitations to their potential on a global scale. There is insufficient knowledge to quantify how much CO2 emissions could be partially offset by CDR on a century timescale.

Modelling indicates that SRM methods, if realizable, have the potential to substantially offset a global temperature rise, but they would also modify the global water cycle, and would not reduce ocean acidification.

In the last paragrph, the addition of two words (to be) could have prevented us from jumping to the conclusion that the IPCC work group was admitting SRM was already underway.

If SRM were (to be) terminated for any reason, there is high confidence that global surface temperatures would rise very rapidly to values consistent with the greenhouse gas forcing. CDR and SRM methods carry side effects and long-term consequences on a global scale. {6.5, 7.7}

IPCC reveals disturbing definition of geoengineering

“Methods that aim to deliberately alter the climate system to counter climate change, termed geoengineering, have been proposed.”

In other words, the act of geoengineering is an attempt to alter the climate no matter the perceived state of the climate to be altered – even if it’s ultimately discovered – too late – that the original climate was a normal variant.

But a more frightening scenario is possible when chemtrails are the cause of the climate change which must undergo emergency mitigation by launching even more pollution into the stratosphere.

Chemtrails is a real word with a definition distinct from SRM (Solar Radiation Management) or SAG (Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering)

The media and government agencies admit that future emergency proposals for “geoengineering” the stratosphere to mitigate global warming are under development.

Through years of confusion in agreeing on the definition of chemtrails vs. SRM, activists undergo inappropriate outrage when what seems to be planned for emergency SRM appears to be in full operation.

But when we take a closer look, the chemtrails operation is not SRM at all,  but  a weapons program with the effect of warming, not cooling, the climate.  It remains unclear if warming is deliberate or “collateral damage” to the primary objective of seeding the atmospheric with ionizing aerosols, filaments and conductive alumina.

Therefore, the presence of alumina in the chemtrails should not be interpreted as a geoengineering strategy to cool the planet by reflecting sunlight back into space.

There is no research to establish effective solar radiation management when ionizing salts and conductive metals are injected into the troposphere below 40,000 feet.  And chemtrails examined by telescopic lens are released in a variety of differnt colors  from silver to a dirty brown.

So the burning question remains:

Why do government agencies deny the chemtrails exist while fully acknowledging the existance of future solar geoengineering programs?

Part of the  answer goes back to the history of the National Weather Modification program organized by NASA in 1966.

The  program eventually came under the department of defense where top secret clearances of involved federal agencies became a virtual “gag order” on public disclosure of the chemtrails operation and other electromagnetic operations that integrate with chemtrails to form a a global weather control and weapons network . Ionospheric heaters at HAARP are just the tip of the iceberg of an expanded network of weather control and weaponozation.

Chemtrails is the correct word to describe chemical jet trails

  • The evidence is clear that the term “chemtrails” carries a unique definition as an exotic weapon as documented in HR 2977.
  • Chemtrails was first published by the departmment of defense as the title to a chemistry manual for future US Air Force Pilots.
  • Chemtrails is defined in the Oxford dictionary.
  • The chemtrails manual is available online in PDF format
  • Chemtrails are not the same as Solar Radiation Management or Stratospheric Aerosol geoengineering to mitigate global warming.
  • Chemtrails contain ionizing salts and other chemicals that change the electric characterisics of the atmosphere in ways that do not act as solar radiation management to reflect sunlight back into space.
  • Chemtrails are sprayed low in the troposphere at 30 to 40,000 feet – NOT in the Stratosphere above 60,000 feet –  where the term stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG) prescribes.
  • To say that Solar radiation management or Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering is the same as “chemtrails” is incorrect.
  • The use of SAG and SRM as an attempt to bow down to the whims of political correctness is misleading.
  • To say that chemtrails is “geoengineering” is misleading since it implies that chemtrails is the same as SRM or SAG.
  • Chemtrails are far more than what geoengineering implies.
  • Chemtrails is a geo-physical weapon capable of interaction with an array of electromagnetic weapons
  • Chemtrails is a real word originated by the prime suspects –  The department of defense.
  • Chemtrails is used by observers around the planet to best describe what is polluting and endangering their atmosphere every hour of every day.

The IPCC and geoengineers, Ken Caldeira and David Keith probably feel justified in denying chemtrails because they know it’s a weapons program. not SRM.  Basically, they are saying that Chemtrails – the weather weapons program – is not CO2 based “climate change”, so “officially”,  it’s none of their business.

The deployment of aerosols is not in the stratosphere where SRM deployment is proposed to be effective.  Instead the aerosols are sprayed much lower in the troposphere where artificial clouds warm, not cool, the climate.

One could suspect that the UN/IPCC was hoping to run out the clock in order to pass hard-core climate change legislation by ignoring the covert chemtrails operation that was helping to make the case for climate warming.

But in view of the skyrocketing public awareness of chemtrails the IPCC is more and more regarded as a consensus of climate liars.

To complicate matters more, new research says reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the planet’s surface by geoengineering may not undo climate change after all. Two German researchers used a simple energy balance analysis to explain how the Earth’s water cycle responds differently to heating by sunlight than it does to warming due to a stronger atmospheric greenhouse effect. Further, they show that this difference implies that reflecting sunlight to reduce temperatures may have unwanted effects on the Earth’s rainfall patterns. The results are now published in Earth System Dynamics, an open access journal of the European Geosciences Union (EGU). (source)



  1. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the claims about Chemtrails are warming the weather does not come from a reliable source and therefore is not VALID!
    In regards to chemtrails warming the climate there is no evidence to PROVE the fact that Chemtrails are warming the planet at this time. Claims must be proved even if they come from a reliable source.

    Please note that IPCC is not a reliable source. To know why is not please watch this: Dr Don Easterbrook Exposes Climate Change Hoax

    If aluminum or any other metals are being used in Chemtrails they have a reflective effect and will cool the planet. I agree with the definition of Chemtrails and SAG or SRM being different though as they are being sprayed in different altitudes.

    To put it in simple words geoengineering might not be Chemtrails however Chemtrails are geoengineering! because they have effect on the climate. Even If we agree with the claim of chemtrails warming the climate, which I do not, chemtrails are geoengineering. Calling chemtrails, geoengineering is NOT misleading, we just need to recognize the difference between the methods of geoengineering in different altitudes.

    However please note that all of them are harming human and life on earth. In fact Chemtrails are harming more than SAG and SRM because chemtrails are being sprayed more frequently all around the world.

    which is why I have started a Geoengineering and chemtrails lawsuit campaign located at:
    Please sponsor, donate and support to stop Geoengineering and chemtrails.

    • Facts don’t agree with you. Just because a climate scientist happens to be associated with IPCC doesn’t automatically make them wrong about artificial cluds warming the climate

      It’s well known outside IPCC that persistent contrails and and high clouds tend to warm the climate by trapping heat

      I’ve already posted Easterbrook. Nothing he says contradicts the climate warming of CT’s.

      I believe the expectations for warming by using chemtrails have largely failed to work and only slowed down the ultimate cooling, if at all. The biggest disappointment for the warmists is the increase of CO2 failed to result in significant warming.

      This is why they changed their branding from “global warming’ to climate change”. Chemtrails just don’t work to warm the climate…but they keep trying.

  2. oops! I guess I have provided you with a wrong video. I should have provided you with the following:
    A Duet with David Keith Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering

    Or please read this pdf file:
    That is Mr.John L. Casey’s assessment of IPCC’s fifth assessment. He is the former White House space program advisor, consultant to NASA Headquarters, and space shuttle engineer.

    He proves that IPCC is not a reliable source.

    In the mean time I understand what you are suggesting about the scientist and IPCC. However please note that scientists who work for IPCC will promote the ideas that IPCC is suggesting therefore they are not independent.

    I am sure you are aware that not “every” persistent contrails are definitely chemtrails and that the science of persistent contrails does “not” apply to chemtrails.

    I think it is possible that chemtrails “may” warm the “weather” not the “CLIMATE” in other areas than they are being sprayed. This means chemtrails will cool the weather in the areas they are being sprayed since they block the sun’s rays and reflect it back in the space.

    Observation is an evidence we all can see this. When they are spraying the weather gets cooler. This is a fact. Now in terms of chemtrails cooling the climate, I would add that since chemtrails are being sprayed non stop during last decade or even more “all around the world” then they are cooling the “Climate” and planet.

    The issue is that I believe chemtrails are contributing to the arrival of an ice age. IPCC scientists are trying to make us believe otherwise so Chemtrails are not blamed for the helping the coming of an ice age. I hope I can explain what I am trying to say.

    I would love to see a scientific and data driven proof of chemtrails warming the “Climate”. I don’t mind to be proven wrong 🙂 We are trying to help our people and our planet. Thanks for your contribution.

    Do you have anything available please?

    If so I welcome your comments. please contribute to this post as well:

    • Look at Joyce Penner’s work. It’s not a new finding that cloud cover tends to warm temps bt trapping long wave IR. There is no evidence that the main mission of Chemtrails is to warm the climate but me be regarded as collateral damage to the main mission of increasing conductivity of the atmosphere to react with electromagnetic weapons for climate and weather alteration. Go to the main page to see (required reading) the NASA history of WX mod that began in 1966 involving all federal agencies that morphed into a cult of military secrecy where nobody is allowed to admit to “chemtrails”. http://wp.me/p2FjTj-3lo

    • Almost every persistent jet trail above 30,000 feet is a “chemtrail” Why?. Because relative humidity above 90% necessary to form a genuine persistent contrail from horizon to horizon is far too low. Atmospheric data supports this comment.

      Real clouds trap heat and artificia; clouds trap heat. This is not new and doesn’t need IPCC approval.

  3. Thank you. I will have a look at that.

    Yes you are absolutely right in regards to the chemtrails’ role in increasing the conductivity of the atmosphere to react with electromagnetic weapons for climate and weather alteration and may be more. I am even aware of Chemtrails role in Project Blue Beam in which chemtrails will prepare the show scene.

    However I think I was not clear. What I wanted to emphasize is that condensation trails and Clouds are different than Chemtrails and that “again” contrails Science does NOT apply to chemtrails and you already know that.

    Chemtrails contain reflecting metals and cause Global dimming by reflecting sun’s ray back in the sky and cannot possibly warm the climate where they are being sprayed.

  4. You said: “Chemtrails contain reflecting metals and cause Global dimming by reflecting sun’s ray back in the sky and cannot possibly warm the climate where they are being sprayed”

    Where is the data to support that chemtrails contain particles that are designed to reflect sunlight? There is nothing to distinguish the warming effect of an artificial cloud created by water vapor or an artificial cloud created by non-water-vapor compounds.

  5. I just noticed this Harold. The supporting data is that people have tested chemtrails and you should know this better than me anyways.

    Aluminum is just one of the reflecting metals which is being used in chemtrails.

    Please watch David Keith on BBC HardTalk 5 min in:

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