UN Agenda-21 and Cast of Characters Explained in 15 Minutes 1

Is it a coincidence that RIO and the congressional vote on Agenda 21 was soon followed by abrupt observations of unusual jet contrails that continue to cover the sky from horizon to horizon?

UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development header

United Nations Conference on Environment & Development Rio de Janerio, Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992

Agenda 21 Earth Summit Chemtrails CoverAGENDA 21 (H.CON.RES.353, 1992)  – Groups and individuals, Democrats and Republicans – are quietly adopting globalist political ideologies at the cost of US Constitutional sovereignty.  As elected officials and appointed bureaucrats, they infiltrate at all levels of government.

At the local level they hide their globalist plan in plain sight by willfully carrying out Agenda-21 (foreign) policies as they vote on key local issues of road maintenance, electric power generation, water rights,  land use, “sustainability” and more.   When they do this they are willfully violating their sworn oath to protect the US Constitution.

Take inventory of the past decade of legislation enacted by your City and County government to see the trend.

Some people are repulsed by the politics of Glenn Beck, but on the issue of Agenda-21 he does a good job identifying the key players and provides a comprehensive overview of the history.

Archived Video Backup

1992 – C-SPAN:  In bipartisan support Republican, William Broomfield (R) and Nancy Pelosi (D) embrace unconstitutional foreign authority of UN/Agenda-21

Archived Video Backup

1992 UN Agenda 21 Sustainable development

Legislative History

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