Democracy When? Amy Goodman Refuses to Investigate Chemtrails 5

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Nov 26 2003

amy-goodman-democracy-nowNumerous additional contact efforts by a variety of independent sources have been made to Ms. Amy Goodman since this editorial was written. They include calls, correspondence, emails and media contacts to the administrative staff of Democracy Now!, KPFK, or to Ms. Goodman directly.

No public response from Amy Goodman or from Democracy Now! is known to have occurred from these requests. Citizens are asked to extend this appeal to Democracy Now! and to Ms. Amy Goodman on behalf of the public interest. CEC. *** Continue


  1. Perhaps Amy Goodman, “Democracy Now” has allowed herself to drift into a financial comfort zone as Public Radio apparently subsidizes her activities. I believe I see her good works on both KQE and KPFA, here in the San Francisco Bay Area. There are few journalists that rate such coverage.

    KQED appears to me to have evolved into a “mainstream communication platform” with a broad  well intended public participation element reaching a left of center voice held firmly in the hands of its aging Vietnam era leadership.

    It was after all, these now aging hippies that gave us the first great awakening over 50 intervening years in the 20-ieth Century following, The Theosophical Society – Helena Blavatsky, the turn of the Century introduction of meditation by the Congress of Religions brought west under the illumination of Swami Vivekananda, and the mangled US response to WWI under President Wilson’s outwardly organized League of Nations and establishment of The Federal Reserve. If nothing else, Christian mainstream religion has began to understand Christ Consciousness. If one doubts this, just ask any fundamentalist Christian matriarch to tell their congregation of wives that “meditation” will no longer be tolerated among their flock. 

    The next main US movement seems about ready, and Amy Goodman will have her chance to take the next big step out of her temporary sanctuary of comfort while she consolidates her new strategy. I do not write Amy off as a government sycophant living off her past reputation.

    The Next Big Test For Western Democracy — Truth

     From “Andy 2016! Judge Webre’s Blog”:

    …..“A Time for Truth” is the central slogan of the truth-oriented independent 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign of crusading lawyer Andrew D. Basiago, a whistleblower who was a participant in the U.S. government’s secret time travel program. Andy is calling for disclosure of the U.S. time travel and teleportation capability and creation of a public global teleportation system to replace our petroleum-driven and polluting transportation system.

    “Reached for comment at his Vancouver, WA offices, 2016 Presidential candidate Andy Basiago stated, “I have called for a time for truth. They have shown that they believe that it is only a time for ruthlessness.” 

    “U.S. secret time travel program

    “Among other revelations about the secret U.S. time travel program, Andy has revealed that recent U.S. Presidents, including George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, William J. Clinton, and Barack H. Obama were pre-identified by U.S. time travel and pre-informed by the CIA of their future destinies as President, as many as 20 years in advance.  In effect, says Andy, the CIA has captured the U.S. Presidency and made the U.S. elections a charade, as the outcome is known to the winner beforehand.”….

    Following Andy and reporting his campaign to reverse engineer the suppressive security state of the past several decades, will test the true mettle of Bill Moyers, Amy Goodman, the whole noble tribe of the 60’s Revolution. I’m holding judgement on Amy to see where she lands as we enter Campaign 2016. 

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