UN/IPCC Report Concludes Aircraft Contrails Are Warming the Climate 20

Detroit News WXYZ Header

WXYZ News Interviews UN IPCC Climate scientist, Dr Joyce Penner

“The contrails that are spreading, would tend to warm the atmosphere.”

dane-wigington-mugDane Wiggington, at geoengineeringwatch appeared on Detroit’s WXYZ News to get the word out about the global aerosol geoengineering plague.

Local affiliate stations have a long history of running chemtrail stories that tend to make activists look like conspiracy theorists and WXYZ was no different.

Dr Joyce E Penner MugHowever there was an unexpected payoff in this report when meteorologist, Chris Edwards interviewed UN IPCC climate scientist, Dr. Joyce Penner at the U. Michigan.

Her area of scientific work as a climate scientist reveals that spreading contrails aggravate global warming to make the climate warmer.  This finding actually agrees with Cliff Carnicom’s conclusions from a decade ago.

Dr. Penner’s status as a climate scientist on the UN International Panel on Climate Change implies a consensus on the issue of contrails warming the atmosphere to affect climate change.

So, this begs the question:

When will the IPCC reach a consensus to investigate the cause of spreading contrails and recommend methods of mitigation?


“Contrails tend to warm the Earth’s surface, similar to thin high clouds”. — Joyce Penner, PhD


This video was edited for clarity in order to present the most appropriate content for this story.

Joyce Penner Knowledge Areas Jet Aircraft Contrails


  1. Maybe I`m wrong to say the following, but from what I`ve learned in just the last three months, so called experts as shown in this video have no idea of what criminal activity is really taking place at 35,000 feet !

    Chemtrails are a fact! Period ! (not in the way Obama uses the word “period”). The elite and illuminate scum have this one down to a fine art.

    Spending just two to three hours on the internet on “chem-trails” is sufficient to convert any sceptic into a believer. To say chemtrails are a “Conspiracy theory” is an insult and incredibly offensive.

    Living in the UK I see and record video evidence regularly. I personally feel exceptionally angry that secret powers have infiltrated and taken absolute control of the very top of society. This includes all the legal, military and governmental institutions. What really gave birth to this is controlling the worldwide financial systems.

    I think outside the box, which has allowed me to earn a good living from certain patents. So for what its worth, my opinion on chemtrails is this……….

    Employing pilots, many pilots. Spraying hundreds of thousands of tons of very expensive heavy metals suspended in liquid carriers (plus other to be later mentioned ingredients) , funding the fuel of hundreds of aircraft that fly millions of miles whilst paying chemists to supply the correct formulas is not only very expensive, but provides a fantastic means to control not just human life but, all life. Science has come a long way to the point that ALL life can be “tweaked” and finally reconstructed through man made nano viruses.

    Look on you-tube and see for yourself how a “triple helix” modified DNA nano virus has been created from human blood cells and then sprayed on us by the monstrous chemtrail operation.

    Scientists analysing morgellons disease (nano technology man made fibres which grow inside humans) and the contents of chemtrails have discovered extremely evil ingredients.

    Nano modified human blood cells are capable of infiltrating the DNA of humans. Sufferers of “Morgellons disease” have recorded metallic objects and octagon shaped structures growing inside them. Feeding these structures with heavy metals progresses the disease. Aha ! Chemtrails. Just like the illuminate elite have diseased and infiltrated our society.

    Believe it or not, humans are to become half biological and half nano machine. According to Sofia Smallstone a very well qualified biologist.

    If we are unlucky enough to survive.

    From the 13th of November for 3 days I filmed many jets criss crossing the sky in the UK leaving very thick chemtrails which filled the sky, (thought to be the USAF tanker jets from RAF Mildenhall UK). These were also witnessed in Manchester, Edinburgh and London for the same period. Strange how the whole of the UK suffered a very strong chest/throat virus all at the same time. I thought a virus travels over weeks not hours. I know for a fact that the virus was in London, Birmingham and Scotland on the same day.

    When you work you are an asset. When you retire as a pensioner, you are a liability. Last year in the UK deaths among the elderly increased by 33%. This saved hundreds of millions of pounds for the government. I wonder how many of our elderly will die this year.

    I was informed at the Newcross hospital that viruses have become more adhesive like in their mucus which affects breathing and produces an everlasting non stop cough.

    Funny how X factor advertised strepsils as their sponsor for this period. Great way for the pharmaceutical industry generate a need and superprofits !

    It appears very suspicious that

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