Youtube Policy of Censoring Videos Forces Changes at ChemtrailsPlanet 2

North Florida Skywatch Header-plain

Youtube’s policy of Guilty Until Proven Innocent on copyright strikes is no longer tolerable. As a result, many videos will be uploaded here to the WordPress account at ChemtrailsPlanet.

Youtube will be used in a diminished capacity to announce the video upload.

Anyone who wants to follow all the videos can subscibe to email updates for (Click Here)

Youtube Sorry Icon-Sandy Hook



  1. Harold, I’ve been experimenting with lately, a service that I found in They host media.

    They don’t require an account, you just drag the movie into the site like youtube’s does and then you’re given all of the embed codes or direct links to their site with ads. Its not social member website with discussions or anything like that. And its open source!

    It embeds nicely into wordpress and takes the load off your servers. I see you’re on a hosted version of wordpress so this may not be as necessary for you but, your readers might find it useful who are on self hosted websites and need to be smart about their server load.

    Anyway, im still experimenting but think its potential is worth noting.

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