Monsanto Controls How You Think by Controlling What You Eat 1

Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS)

Monsanto mind control with bio-engineered foods-9

Following the money best reveals the motives for Geoengineering the weather, Bio-engineering our food and altering the natural world through corporate dictatorship.

Since circa 1990 the skies around the world have been altered with aerosols that dim and filter the amount and quality of sunlight that reaches the earth. These changes affect human health, crop production and degrade our forests.

Recent findings reveal Monsanto GMO foods can alter human behavior, providing corporate pathways to “mind control” through nutritional changes in bio-engineered foods that alter the flora in our intestines.

Vaginal delivery provides mothers floraThere’s  a reason why human and mammalian plumbing for excretion is co-located in proximity to the vaginal birth canal.

The newborn baby acquires it’s initial dose of gut flora from the vagina during normal birth.

It may be disconcerting for some to discover that “gut flora” is a powerful determinant of mental health, but the cold facts lead to startling questions about how our natural world is influenced by geoengineering the atmosphere and bio-engineering the global food supply.

In this interview,  Geneticist, Dr. David Suzuki says genetically modified foods are an uncontrolled experiment on the human race. (source)

What Your Eat is How You Think

Modification of Gut Flora Predictor of Neurological Disorders

The possible environmental factors for autism are incredibly diverse and include factors such as vitamin D deficiency, electromagnetic fields, vaccines and mercury toxicity. But a key player in the puzzle appears to be emerging as multiple research studies look into the possible connection between abnormal gut conditions and autism.

Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride mug-4Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride discovered a profound dynamic interaction between your gut, your brain, and your immune system.

She discovered that nearly all of the mothers of autistic children have abnormal gut flora, which is significant because newborns inherit their gut flora from their mothers at the time of birth.

When gut flora is sub-optimal, vaccines can act as the proverbial “last straw” to predispose the baby’s immune system to a wide range of health problems including  neurological, psychological, and autoimmune disorders

She has developed what might be one of the most profoundly important treatment strategies for preventing autism, as well as a wide range of other neurological, psychological, and autoimmune disorders—all of which are heavily influenced by your gut health.

In her research, Dr. Campbell-McBride discovered that nearly all of the mothers of autistic children have abnormal gut flora, which is significant because newborns inherit their gut flora from their mothers at the time of birth.

Establishing normal gut flora in the first 20 days or so of life plays a crucial role in the maturation of the baby’s immune system. Babies who develop abnormal gut flora are left with compromised immune systems, putting them at higher risk for suffering vaccine reactions. (more)

Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride  – Interview Transcript (PDF)

Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS)

Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) Nutritional Program


Gut Bacteria Linked to Behavior: That Anxiety May Be in Your Gut, Not in Your Head

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