Sandy Hook & The Cheshire Murders – Why the 911 Calls Matter 1

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Why the 911 Calls Matter

Video from Joseph Ametrano Reveals Foreknowledge of Murders

Published on November 23rd, 2013 | by -swansong-

In this article titled Sandy Hook & The Cheshire Murders – Why the 911 Calls Matter we will look at the delays in the issuing of a final report on Sandy Hook and the upcoming decision of a Connecticut judge to release, or not, the 911 calls from that day. We will compare them to another, slightly less famous, Connecticut tragedy to try to determine if Sandy Hook is unique or just par for Connecticut justice.

Nothing fuels a conspiracy more than secrecy and goodness knows we’ve seen more than our fair share of that over these many months. Those of us that spend any time on internet forums discussing this issue or requesting further information have had to endure all manner of vicious descriptions of our character for simply requesting information allowed us by law. These comments from a NewsTimes commenter is a good example of what I mean.

Why does the media continue to frustrate the public and the “families” with the very sensitive subject of Sandy Hook Elementary School? Where is your compassion, sympathy and consideration for the citizens of Newtown? Leave it alone!!!!!

The “hard copy” of all the details is NONE of our business! We do not need to hear any more descriptions of issues that are too painful to those immediate families to be made public yet again. If the families need the details, they should be given privately, without the publicity that has covered this circumstance since Day 1

While it may be easy to allow emotion to dictate our decisions in matters such as these there are very real and long established reasons for the public availability of information related to crimes and the police response to them. *** Continue

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