Whistleblower Joseph Ametrano Reveals Sandy Hook as Staged Event 20

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Joseph Ametrano Mug

Joseph Ametrano

An unusual whistleblower,  Joseph Ametrano sent a message reminded me that the anniversary of the alleged – but highly suspect – Sandy Hook massacre is coming up next month.

On Nov 22nd, Ametrano contacted me through third party, Youtube where he made the claim that my video was in copyright violation by his company, The Bacmasters Music Studio. Amatrano had posted a video titled:  “Sandy Hook Elementary Tribute” on a VIMEO account weeks ahead of the alleged massacre. Ametrano’s video was captured and re-mixed by Dutchsince to expose the Sandy Hook foreknowledge.

This Dutchsince video is mirrored here to my wordpress account. It’s likely that all Youtube copies of this video have been taken down by copyright strike.

Ametrano has provided rich evidence that the incident was either (1) A planned attack on the staff and children of Sandy Hook elementary (2) A complete hoax or (3) a combination of hoax with selective murders of staff and/or school children. Youtube deleted the following clip (originally posted by Dutchsince) pending appeal.   Ametrano waited eleven months to submit the copyright violation – an interval that happens to coincide with the upcoming anniversary of the massacre on December 14th.

ExploreTalent.com lists Ametrano as a 55 yo male living in New York City.  Bacmaster Music Videoes

Joe runs TheBacmaster Youtube channel with nearly 2,000 subscribers but you won’t find any videos listed.  Joe uses a little known youtube option and has all his uploads secreted away and accessible for viewing only if you know the  ‘link” to the video.  “Bacmaster” was Ametrano’s original channel. He complained to his subscribers that copyright enforcers were getting after him so he created a new channel called THE Bacmasters

Interesting comments on “Bacmaster” reveal Joe to be a lover of vintage music in addition to being a fundamentally nice guy and intimidated, like all of us, by draconian Youtube policy.

Bacmaster Youtube Channel comments

Ametrano, however was only one of numerous internet content providers who’s posts reveal time-stamp evidence of foreknowledge via videos, facebook and internet sites – most with trackable initiation dates.

The following clip from Reinhard von Holst adds significant detail to the time-stamp issue.

HISTORY:  Dutchsince exposed the timeline discrepancy in a video posted on his Youtube account. I re-posted Dutch’s video on my account for increased exposure and also to provide protection of mirroring.  I considered Dutch’s video an important summary of evidence that should remain available in the public domain even after Dutch mysteriously retracted his emphatic statements in this video claiming that time-stamps can be changed willy-nilly to show any date.

Dutch’s reasoning for backing down was glib and unreasonable, especially considering the numerous discoveries of foreknowledge on several other sights including THE UNITED WAY website in Newtown, CT.


  1. I dont care abput all that bankster new world order reptilian chem trails crap, but you’re on to something here, but the question that you have to ask yourself is, is ametrano a whistleblower or is he complict. another question you have to ask yourself is who is joseph ametrano. to start with the first question, and using your own words “a pretty good relationship with savage” savage is a staunch conservative, gun rights anti obama…, ametrano himself describes himself as a conservative, google “michael savage sandy hook”, savage speaks about a conversation he had with a “friend” in a rather strange tone i forget the actually words but “someone who is much smarter than me told me that this is a gun grabbing…” savage is a new yorker, so is ametrano, his videos were put up in november, a whole month before, wouldn’t his followers, or someone come across this strange concidence?. ask yourself why these things are created before hand? to taunt us or to tell us. is ametrano telling us, without really telling us? who put up the soto facebook page the day before? do we have a name? what are they telling us?.

    The second question, who is ametrano, is a mystery, you can find a joseph ametrano who is a construction worker in new york, who has no children in a school but takes a serious interest in these matters, a strange coincidence when years later sandy hook happened, then theres a joseph ametrano of CT, he owns some ice cream joints, former lawyer, also is involved with the police comission in newtown. are they two people or one and the same? we don’t know anything for sure, but if you take these two joseph ametranos the one from deer park and the other from CT, you have someone who knows about law, a business man, a keen interest in children and schools even his ice cream parlours put him in contact with them, someone who is interested in politics by his own words and the savage link, someone with links to the police commision.

    and there you have it, whistleblower or complict?

    • The foreknowledge in Sandy Hook is confirmed many times over. This duplicity with Obama involved is significant. Question is why did the NRA and Tea Party not call out the phony Sandy Hook event to expose the gun-grab?

      • Many conservatives and tea party members have questioned the official story, but to answer your question is the liberal media has everythiing sown up. i’m sure you saw the anderson cooper pieces with him attacking anyone who dared tp question it. Although i want the truth exposed, and i know there are many promenant republicans and tea party members that know this is a gun grab, i wouldn’t want them to come out and say something so blatent. because they would be destroyed in 15 minutes as racist teabaggers walking on the grave of dead children for political gain, they’d be tied in with the insane people who believe that the planes were holograms on 9-11. and what would that achieve?. it would only damage the fight. no, the real question is were these facebook pages for soto and the vimeo videos for the victims a warning, a whistleblower or were they complicit.

        A search of both joseph ametranos, deer park and CT, gives you someone who is strongly for the second amendment, freedom works, anti obama, conservative and conspiracy theorist. and then he posts a video over a month before?

        We aren’t very clever, we laugh at the robbie parker smiliing and the silly mistakes and obvious errors in sandy hook, but why haven’t we got some kind of site up and running with donations and paid an independent computer geek, a genius to look at this vimeo video, i know it doesn’t exist now, but something, and why aren’t we seeking an interview with ametrano himself?

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