GRU Defenders of Biomass Incinerator Put Gainesville at Increased Risk of Litigation Reply

Kathy Viehe struck at Stanton contract admission

Viehe visibly struck when Stanton admits he helped write GREC redacted contract with backout clause removed. (video clip)


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s not clear why interim GRU General Manager, Kathy Viehe and John Stanton thought it would be a good idea to stir up a hornets nest at a packed house meeting in turkey Creek.

Without requesting counsel from their board of directors on the commission, Viehe and Stanton may have recklessly increased the City’s exposure to costly legal action with their surprising responses to questions from a lawyered-up audience.

When moderator,  Jane Hendricks asked if anyone in attendance was in favor of the biomass plant, only John Stanton raised his hand. When Stanton was asked if he resided in Turkey Creek, of course he answered no.

Later, Stanton had to admit he was one of the architects of the redacted biomass contract – a confession that plummeted his credibility on every reply for the remainder of the meeting.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKathy Viehe retreated to the role of “victim” early-on when the audience became venemous. Claiming she had only been on the job for three weeks and had insufficient technical background, Viehe deferred most all questions to Stanton, who’s answers were doomed to be regarded as pathologically biased.

Viehe’s trinket of welcome news fell far short of mollifying the overflow of red faces.

Apparently GREC plans to take the biomass plant off-line by Sunday, Nov. 24th to resume operation only after the noise-damping baffles have been installed sometime in December.

But Viehe’s up-beat announcement quickly vaporized into resumed discontent when another volley of flaming questions had to be deflected to John Stanton.

Jane Henderson insisted that GRU is the landlord and GREC is the tenant who can be evicted for repeated violations.  Viehe could only retreat to helplessness by alleging the City (not GRU) is bound by contract with GREC.

The meeting was a PR disaster for GRU that will surely breed further resentment for the City of Gainesville and the pro-incinerator members on the city commission.  It was a serious miscalculation if Viehe thought a temporary break from the incinerator would result in wild celebration with the sleepless at Turkey Creek.

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