CIA Asset, Evergreen International Airlines Going Out of Business (?) 3

Evergreen Air Statement Blamin USFS For Not Activating

US Department of Agriculture and Forest Service LogoComment: Since 2009, Evergreen Air has allegedly been prepared to contract with the US Forestry Service (USFS) to use their huge 747 tankers and patented deployment system to control several seasons of horrendous wildfires.

So why has the USFS under the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) refused to contract with Evergreen’s advanced firefighting technology to protect US citizens and rural properties?

If the spooks are willing to use deadly weather weapons against the public, they would also be willing to allow and encourage fires to burn down entire rural neighborhoods for the sake of Agenda-21. Forcing the public (even millionaires) into the cities is the final solution with the Unites Nations New World Order engineered by the super-elite.

If the USDA is complicit with Monsanto and engineered crops it’s easy to see how the bureaucracies are participating in undermining the health, safety and welfare and the Constitution of the United States to drive a globalist agenda.

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Breaking news: Evergreen International Airlines reported to be ceasing operations

Posted by David Harris on November 8, 2013 (source)

According to a report from a news service in Evergreen International Airlines’ home state of Oregon, the all-cargo carrier has told employees it will end operations within three weeks. The report, in the Yamhill News Register, starts as follows:

“Evergreen International Airlines — key remaining component of Evergreen International Aviation, following the selloff of its helicopter division — has announced to employees by voicemail that it will be closing its doors effective Friday, Nov. 29, according to current and former employees. Calls seeking confirmation from the company were not returned.”

Evergreen currently has three 747-400 freighters (one BCF, two BDSFs) but in the past has operated a much larger fleet. Much of its flying was charter service in support of the US military, and as has been widely reported, there has been a sharp drop in demand as the US winds down its military activities.


  1. Why I do not write professional press releases for Evergreen. I would have written it this way:

    “We just received notice through official government channels that our prime contract with the “Forestry” (wink-wink) Department, to aerially dump metallic-based ionizing salts otherwize known as “Cemtrails” is no longer needed. Now that all airlines, globally, are equipped through various secret aircraft fuel system modifications, and are themselves now blanketing Earth well enough, Evergreen’s primary chemtrailing mission is complete. On behalf of our contingency of personnel who are not yet ready to retire, surely you can shift us out of Black Ops and into actual alternative, publicly supervized work in fire service even as these aging 747’s are damn near impossible to maneuver in tight mountain terrain or up close and personal over large urbanized areas. Other than a rare drunken pilot at the bar, here and their, using an over-used pick-up line with the ladies, that he flys romantic secret missions to save the world, we have pretty well kept our mouth shut … for the most part… even though the unintended consequences of our work (we now realize) appears to wreck havoc, kill thousands, decimate hundreds of thousands, reduce crop yields, increase the onset of immune deficiency diseases, and prepare Earth for the next generation of dominant species at the cost of millions of human lives. All in all we did your bidding. So what say you?”

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