Commercial Pilot Says Chemtrails Are “Necessary Evil” 2

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Published on Oct 22, 2013

Perhaps under pressure from his employer, this commercial pilot apparently contacted youtube to file for violation because his face was clearly recognizable. As a consequence the video has encountered numerous copyright violation strikes on numerous accounts that dare to upload it.  The latest version obscures the pilot’s face as unrecognizable, however this may not be enough to intimidate account holders with violation.

Mr Max BlissAs a firewall to the daconian youtube policy, the video is uploaded (with minor re-mixing) to the, WordPress account with a backup link to the MAX BLISS youtube site in the EU (Click Here)

Pay special attention to the graphics between 3-4 minute interval where Massaria brings attention to a mostly overlooked but documented geoengineering technique where black carbon aerososls are deployed to INTENSIFY a tropical cyclone. The relative low-tech aerosol spraying of black carbon could be more effective at weather weaponization than any electromagnetic operation currently deployed. Sources: (DHS/NOAA)  (Shindel)

Note from John Massaria for original videographer Hans Oellers

SOMEONE doesn’t want this getting out because it contradicts the contrail water vapor story as heard by the pilot… “chemtrails are a necessary evil”.  The face of the pilot has been obscured along with everyone else including Project Lights Out with Hans Oellers – who originally made the video and granted permission to re-distribute.

Also visit: for more on the history of chemtrails and geoengineering.


  1. Reblogged this on mrmaxblissthefiles and commented:
    There is no doubt that public awareness and industry awareness is growing and the institutional propaganda is wearing thin, expect further exposure to the chemtrail program, many thanks for every ones efforts to expose the truth….PEACE 4 ALL

  2. Recent actions to remove Yahoo chemtrail groups, removal of chemtrail tweets and strikes on youtube accounts show that our collective activism has been effective. Perhaps more importantly is the realization that man-made climate change cannot be supported when the public now suspects that chemtrails are the real culprit. The media has begun shouting the climate change lies at the top of their lungs to smother the truth published by those of us who will never give up. The Nazi-inspired Agenda-21 plan must be defeated.

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