Frankenstorm Sandy Made Left Hook at Long Island Climate Research Facility 1


Frankenstorm Sandy – Man-Made Disaster Capitalism

Too many independent observers reported the evidence that Sandy was an engineered storm.  Many youtube posts and satellite images displayed massive aerosol sorties above and ahead of the storm’s path.

The coincidental location of  the Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Labs on Long Island where Sandy “hooked” a left turn to destroy $Billions in property on the shores of New York and New Jersey cannot be ignored.

Although no ionospheric heaters like the HAARP-style antenna farms can be verified or seen by Google Earth the more current weather weapons technologies could be far less conspicuous.

Brookhaven Labs Sandy Pond Sandy Hook Hurricane Sandy

Just a coincidence?

Hurricane Sandy Coincidence as 1997 Simulated emergency

Another Coincidence?

Coincidence?:  HURRICANE SANDY Forecast for NY in Oct. 1997 as “Simulated Emergency”  

Aquiess, Inc is  a commercial version demonstrating the reality of steering weather using electromagnetic pulsed radiation.  Covert applications of this technology in combination with deployment of geoegineering aerosols, Tesla generators and black carbon can no longer be bullied aside by the complicit media and federal bureaucrats as a “conspiracy theory”.

sbx-maritime radar weapons system steering-hurricane-sandyThe SBX-1 phased-array weapons system is less conspicuous by it’s maritime and portable operation. Despite it’s promoted role as a radar to detect missile launches the alternative opinion contends this mammoth system mounted on a Russian oil rig platform is a more of a Tesla weapons device than a radar system.  The SBX-1 was allegedly identified near the scenes of several seismic catastrophes including Haiti and Fukushima.

Department of energy Logo-4The Department of Energy lists Climate Research and Climate Change Science among core capabilities at Brookhaven National Labs.

Of additional interest at BNL is the Particle Physics, Functional Nanomaterials, Climate Change Science, Center for Functional Nanomaterials (CFN) and ARM Climate Research Facility – some of which compliment the DHS Hurricane Aerosol Microphysics Program (HAMP).

In addition to energy-related responsibilities, most people are unaware that the DOE also directs the Human Genome Project.  The DOE sponsors more research in the physical sciences than any other federal agency, the majority of which is conducted through its system of National Laboratories financed mainly through the National Science Foundation (See NSF).

The many tentacles of the National Science Foundation are funded by grants, and cooperative agreements that reach into more than 2,000 colleges, universities, K-12 school systems, businesses, informal science organizations and other research organizations throughout the US.   These vast financing networks are under the public radar and provide undercover and foreign opportunities for funding covert projects that can work against the interests of  the US taxpayer.  The network of unelected, career bureaucrats in US federal agencies has worked behind the scenes for decades with more authority than the President, Congress or Supreme Court.

National Science Foundation Logo NSF-3.The NSF and DOE’s control of Energy policy while heading  Human Genome Project is more than a metaphor to the New World Order of  UN/IPCC global carbon tax and Agenda 21.

The virtual blackmail of geopolitical finance of US federal agencies as policy-directed “science” has eroded US sovereignty and scripted Obama and the congress as little more than television personalities of mass distraction as “enertainment

DOE at Brookhaven Labs Aerosol Microphysics Program

Peter Daum Mug-smOct 6, 2008:  Brookhaven researcher Peter Daum (retired/emeritus) describes a facet of the BNL atmospheric sciences program that employs aircraft to look at aerosols under conditions where the sky is clear.  The mission of this program was in the direction of Joe Golden’s initiative (NOAA) as he was securing funding for HAMP,  the Hurricane Aerosol Microphysics Program.

In this video, Daum also discusses an international field experiment designed to make observations of critical components of the climate and persistent cloud system of the southeastern Pacific (CHILE). Because elements of this system were determined to be poorly represented in global climate models, BNL is collecting data to improve accuracy in climate  modeling.  VIDEO  Peter Daum Bio

Operation HAMP final report 2010

DHS/NOAA Hurricane Aerosol Microphysics Program – Operation HAMP

Department of Homeland Security final report (PDF) on effectiveness of aerosols in manipulating, mitigating and intensifying tropical cyclones (

This report is further evidence the mission of the persistent jet trail aerosol operation is to manipulate climate and weaponize weather systems. The past 25+ years of persistent jet trails that mimic persistent contrails is logically linked to what is being sold as “climate change”.  This operation – in plain sight –  has been perpetrated through covert atmospheric weapons technologies to which the general public and media has little access.

Failure to calculate the impact of this mammoth global aerosol pollution is damning evidence that the UN/IPCC, their climate scientists and complicit government agencies are illegitimate bodies, unworthy of public support, particularly on the dubious issue sold to the public as CLIMATE CHANGE.


P 17:  “The hypothesis that CCN aerosols decrease the intensity of tropical cyclones has been supported by numerous simulation studies.” … “Here we present observational support to key links in the conceptual model describing the way by which aerosols might be affecting the intensity of the storms.  Satellite observations show that pollution aerosols reduce the cloud drop size and suppress the formation of warm rain processes in the external spiral cloud bands of the tropical storms, which in turn invigorates the convection in the clouds and induces cloud electrification.” (thunderstorms)

P 17:  “The early rainout can be delayed by high concentrations of CCN aerosols, which form a larger number of smaller cloud drops that are slower to coalesce into raindrops.” (inducing selective drought)

P 30:   “…aerosols such as black carbon have invigoration effects on hurricanes. The observational and simulation effects are consistent with each other, and provide strong support to the hypothesis of aerosols impacts on hurricanes.” (How to increase a hurricane’s destructive potential).

P 52:  Because the recent statistical studies by Clavner, an MS student under the supervision of Rosenfeld suggest that black carbon aerosols intensify hurricanes…”

P 52:   We will also investigate how black carbon aerosols introduced above the anvils and over a large area extending beyond the storm impact its intensity. We anticipate that at the conclusion of this research we can state with some confidence how hurricane intensity is modulated both by hygroscopic aerosols and by light-absorbing black carbon aerosols. (Translation:  Ability to control hurricane strength with different aerosol applications inside and in wide areas ahead of predicted, or engineered path. The geoengineer then has the ability to afflict maximum destruction to designated targets by the application of black carbon aerosols prior to landfall.)

In a June 5, 2008 BBC article, NASA physicist, Minoru Freund may have attempted to blow the whistle on Tesla inspired environmental weapons when he announced there was a high correlation between disturbances in the ionosphere and subsequent earthquakes on the ground below the disturbance.  Although Freund’s remarks were attributed to electrical condition of rocks as “batteries” associated with tectonic movement the implications inspired investigators to start examining the ionosphere as a precursor to seismic events.

Suspected eco-Terrorism

Reinventing rationality bookIn his landmark book – Reinventing Rationality: The Role of Regulatory Analysis in the Federal Bureaucracy, Thomas O. McGarity analyzes how federal bureaucracies lost their way under the regulatory reform in the early1970’s and crystalized under Reagan in the 1980’s.   McGarity critiques the reformers’ claim that regulatory analysis (code for financial impact to corporations) could result in “better” decisionmaking.  One takeaway from this work is the institutional corruption of federal agencies who are first regulated by multinational corporations before they can regulate to protect the environment and the American People.   OSHA’s placing a dollar value on human life in the workplace is an example of how ethics has been systematically undermined by placing profit ahead of people:

Quote page 108

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