Author, Len Bracken Says 9/11 was an Indirect Defensive Attack 1

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13 November 2013

Len Bracken
9-11 was an Indirect Defensive Attack – Len Bracken

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States have used terrorism in various ways to advance their own interests for hundreds of years, including the use of terrorist attacks as a means to justify acts of war, crackdowns and Draconian laws such as the US Patriot Act. According to research on the matter by Len Bracken who granted an interview to the Voice of Russia, there are different types of state sponsored terrorist attacks which he has classified and that have been used by NATO, the US and other states in the past. Mr. Bracken is a specialist on the attacks of 9-11 and has done extensive research and interviewed witnesses including police who knew about Anthrax being stored by “Israeli Agents” in the US who were allowed to go free. *** continue

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