High Altitude Aerosol Deployment (HAAD) – Alias “Chemtrails” Over Gainesville 5

North Florida Skywatch Header-8

Two days of intense HAAD over Gainesville/Alachua County and North Florida that extended into 11/12 (not included). Morning fog on 11/12 presented an opportunity for aerosols from the previous two days to form a toxic mist of chem-dew.

GOES Satellite loop reveals aerosol dumps consistent with ground observations.  Artificial overcast conditions created by massive aerosols conceal additional HAAD sorties above the previous aerosol layer.

Terra and Aqua Satellite Views


11/10 Aqua Satellite Gulf


11/11 Aqua Satellite Gulf


11/12 Terra Satellite Gulf


11/12 Aqua Satellite Gulf


11/12 Terra Satellite Atlantic


11/12 Aqua Satellite Atlantic


  1. Hi Harry here. I live in the central midland area of the United Kingdom. Three days ago Sunday the 10th of November 2013 I recorded numerous large grey jets (USAF no number identity) Spray all day until the sky went dark grey. Even when the sun was shining directly onto the clouds they stayed dark grey!

    Now its Wednesday 13th and here we go again. I have a 4KW solar panel PV system. I generate up to 4KW in direct sunlight. After the spraying I can only generate 2 KW ! It stinks.

    I have a family and now I have heavy metals falling on my home. I`m just waiting for HARRP to kick in and watch the programmers artwork give a display in the clouds.

    What sickens me is that this is worldwide. How can this be stopped?

    By the way, when I chose to leave a comment I had to sign into facebook and then a box came up of worldnews.com saying it will copy ALL my contacts if I click leave comments ! WTF!

    • It’s 25 years of chemtrails and no stopping is planned. Get a mask or get radical enough to beat the shit out of the PM who knows what’s happening but won’t tell.

      • After some clever research, I discovered that we have 10 USAF chemtrail jets parked up at http://www.mildenhall.af.mil/library/foia.asp
        RAF airport.

        100 CS/SCBE
        Unit 4955 Box 340
        APO AE 09459-5340
        Tel: 01144 1638-547900
        DSN 314-238-7900
        Fax: 01144 1638-544379
        Public Requests
        Air Force Reading Room
        USAFE FOIA
        Other USAFE FOIA Offices
        U.S. Air Force FOIA

        I called the UK USAF air base at RAF Mildenhall England today on the phone number above. After a polite conversation with a senior officer, I mentioned chemtrails, HAARP heavy metals and spraying over my head for nearly three days. He went dumb and asked where I had obtained my information. I said the internet is full of videos and experts who are very angry about being sprayed with heavy metal poisons officially declared be used as a weapon to control the weather. Especially in his own country of the US.I said the phone number was readily available on the website above. He was gobsmacked. I said Google earth clearly shows USAF jets parked on the base. 10 to be precise.I stated my concerns and answered a couple of his questions. When I asked his name he instantly hung up. Weird.

        Google earth shows the jets parked by some kind of storage tanks at the RAF base in Mindenhall not far from Norwich UK.

        Interesting stuff.

      • Google Earth – a 2008 image capture currently available – reveals 11 (eleven) USAF Tankers on the field at Mildenhall, NE of Cambridge. Most of the tankers are parked on designated pods. The “USAF” logo is legible on 1 or 2 aircraft atop the outboard, starboard wing. Apparently the satellite caught them before they were deployed to spray that day.

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