Super Typhoon Engineered For Maximum Drama At Warsaw Climate Talks? 3

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Super Typhoon HayianThe Philippines is an archipelago of more than 7,000 islands. Those that were severely eroded will be held up by the eco-terrorists as an example of sea level rise and global warming just as the Warsaw meeting gets under way. Hurricane Sandy has become the meteorological version of 9/11 terror in the US and is mentioned in connection with climate change at every opportunity.

“Meteorologists stated that the conditions surrounding Typhoon Bopha were highly unusual, with a confluence of weather events creating a “Super Typhoon”, not unlike the strange sequence of events that brought about “Super Storm” Sandy that devastated the Eastern Seaboard of the United States in October.” (M. Dante)

The tragedy in the Philippines is the PR intended to push the Warsaw climate meeting into profitable talks for the perpetrators.

Veteran observer, Dutch Since is confident the super-typhoon was geoengineered as a man-made disaster in this video analysis

Observer anonymousEwok provides more detailed documentation including related eco-terrorist events.

10/26/13:  Dutch Since comments on physicist, Michio Kaku’s revelation that high powered lasers can energize storms.

REV Michelle Hopkins On Frankenstorm Sandy

Dutch Since: Nov 11th Report



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