Alachua County Environmental Protection Advisory Committee (EPAC) Reply

Alachua County Environmental Protection Department header

Alachua County Environment Protection Department

Meetings on First Tuesday of each moth at 6 PM

Seagle Building – 408 W. Univ. Ave – 1st Floor Conference rm.

Public welcome to attend

Seagle_Building_GainesvilleEnvironmental Protection Advisory Committee (EPAC) Protection of soils, air, ground waters and surface waters of Alachua County to ensure protection of public health and safety and whereas, effective environmental regulatory, management, monitoring, and public education programs in the areas of hazardous materials, water quality, air quality, household hazardous waste, and natural resource protection to maintain the quality of life and natural resources of the county and whereas, responsible management of environmentally sensitive lands and watersheds important for protecting water quality and maintaining healthy natural ecosystems; and whereas citizen input is important to the development of effective environmental programs and for the promotion of greater community involvement and awareness of local government environmental initiatives. (source)

Staff Liaison: LaShonda Camps – (352) 264-6800

Position ————-  Member ——–  Term Ends
Alternate    Mercer , Mr. Russell     6/2016
Citizen-at-Large    Crosby , Scott A    6/2014
Citizen-at-Large    Sawnick , Kevin D    6/2015
Citizen-at-Large    Moritz , David W    6/2015
Citizen-at-Large    Hundersmarck , Ryan C    6/2015
Citizen-at-Large    Palmer, Bob (Chair)    6/2014
Citizen-at-Large    Jacot , Ms. Melissa C    6/2016
Citizen-at-Large    Henderson , Mr. Namananda D    6/2016
Citizen-at-Large    Cake , Terence L    6/2014
Citizen-at-Large    Saive , Harold W    6/2016
Citizen-at-Large    Papadi , Mr. George     6/2016
Citizen-at-Large    van Blokland , Peter J

Advisory Board Meeting Documents

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