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6/10/2010 Petition DB-10-47 SPA –  Eng, Denman, and Associates, Inc., agent for Gainesville Regional Utilities. Development plan review for construction of a bio-mass energy generation plant with associated improvements. Zoned: PS (Public services and operations). Located at 10001 NW 13th St.

Petition DB 10-47-SPA Biomass Plant


Meeting Minutes Excerpt:

Note: This biomass project was swept into unanimous approval on the assumption that a biomass incinerator, as described in  the petition is “SUSTAINABLE” however, no definition of the word SUSTAINABLE exists anywhere in any document.

Furthermore, the word “SUSTAINABLE” presumes a “belief” that the IPCC has conclusive evidence of CO2’s role in the phenomenon once described as Global Warming but now described as “Climate Change” – another term with no precise definition. 

It is significant that “belief systems” rather than the rigors of the scientific method have played a dominant role in approving an unproven technology that produces as much or more pollution than the coal plant at Deerhaven II and has recently been criticized as producing more carbon than it theoretically eliminates.  A belief system is a cult mentality that has no place in science and should never be a rationale for instituting public policy. – HWS

Petition DB-10-47 SPA — Eng, Denman, and Associates, Inc., agent for City of Gainesville. (GREC Biomass) Preliminary and final development plan review for construction of a 100 mega-watt bio-mass energy generation plant with associated improvements. Zoned: PS (Public services and operations). Located at 10001 NW 13th St.

Mr. Wright addressed the board indicating that this is not a typical plan but contains some roads, stormwater, storage areas and some structures. He used an aerial to show the subject site in relationship to surrounding development.

He displayed the Land Use and Zoning patterns, including Alachua County zoning and Land Use on adjacent properties.

He showed the railroad along the west edge of the property and how it separates from the Main roadway, US 441. He showed the proposed location in relation ship to an existing retention pond as well as required emergency access to and from the site.

He showed how the proposal is consistent with the overall adopted plan and recommended approval of the petition with conditions.

Mr. Wright asked that two conditions of the Fire department be removed and added additional comments pertaining to concurrency.

Mr. Josh Sevin, project director for the project addressed the board. He indicated that the project is for a power plant that would feed into the GRU’s system. He presented information about the company, American Renewable and provided a brief outline of the process of generating power from biomass materials; form products to electricity to homes.

He talked about the process as a major economic undertaking; which will provide jobs from various options. He explained that the facility will power 70K homes which will be owned by American Renewable and the energy will be bought by GRU.

Mr. Len Fagen addressed the board. He presented an overview of the project showing size, location and spatial relationship to surrounding developments. He stated that his company examined a number of criteria such as wetlands, environmental conditions, and access roads among others.

Ms. Shelly addressed the board indicating that the project is in compliance with the Comp Plan and the Land Development Regulations and asked for a recommendation of approval with all of staff’s conditions.

Mr. Brinkman addressed the board stating that currently the coal plant burns a significant amount of coal which is not sustainable and this project is a move in the right direction.

Mr. Lane thought it is a great project and is sustainable.

Mr. Taylor asked the board to stay in context of the role of the DRB.

Mr. Ellis asked about the parking.

Mr. Haviland asked about the source of the materials.

Mr. Seven indicated that it comes from various sources.


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  1. Harold,

    Thank you for sending to us the link to the entire movie, Shade.

    I was unable to find the entire movie after having performed Internet searches for it within the last week.


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