Biomass Representative, Mark Rodgers Meets With Turkey Creek Reply

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EMI, Inc. Biomass Representatitve, Mark Radgers Meets With Turkey Creek

General consensus among TC residents is that It’s unacceptable for GREC to continue operation as an unbearable noise nuisance before the noise abatement devices are installed.

Mark rdgers mugRodgers seems not to have details on issues unless the answer is favorable to GREC.  His powers of recall and subject familiarity seem to follow this biased pattern.

His offer to be called when residents complain about noise is dubious and probably counter-productive and only offers the opportunity for Rodgers to dispute the quality of the noise nuisance as good, bad, unbearable, better or worse.

Since Rodgers is a Public relations specialist, it’s not likely he can offer any sound technical solutions to the noise, fugitive dust or nano-particulate problems.

HERE: Rodgers responds to comments of patient with lung disease claiming the incinerator incorporates  “the best pollution technology on the market”  HERE

HERE: patient with lung disease says:  “I’m afraid for my life”

HERE: Jane Hendricks asks why incinerator cannot go offline until the replacement part is installed.

HERE: Rodgers responds with dubious claim that GRU needs the Biomass power in order to supply ratepayers.

HERE: Rodgers asserts the loudest noise registered was when the plant was not operating. (Are TC residents lying or hearing things?)

HERE: Nathan Skop

HERE: Nathan Skop asks to be provided with operational logs of plant operation

HERE: GREC to assume all costs of $500,000 noise suppression retro-fit.

HERE: Rodgers responds to eliminating fugutive dust. Use of misters. Daily contact with AC public works with string of “good days”.  Capriciously points to background traffic of cars on the highway

HERE: Frank Nosko (classic car colletor)  points out TC does not exist on Air Permit. Issue relates to City of Gainesville violation of Comp Plan Inter-local agreement. –  Characterizes fallout as “ash”.

HERE: Rodgers disputes allegation of ash.  “there is no ash coming out of this facility”.

HERE: Rodgers discusses “particulate matter”.  Claims nano-particulate suppression at GREC is the “state-of-art”, “best you can get”.

HERE: Paula Stahmer wants more info on Rodgers’ claim tha GRU generation is having  generation problems that require GREC to stay online. If GRU is having these problems why are they not disclosed to the City commission and the public?  Why is Rodgers sole bearer of this unexpected news?  Stahmer reminds Rodgers that GRU has vast excess generation over the daily average. — Stahmer also points out GREC is taking advantage of a defacto pollution “waiver “that holds GREC to a lower emissions standard. Rodgers replied that this change was not requested by GREC.

HERE: Kimberly Sims asks about wood delivery

HERE: Nathan Skop – reclaimed war contain small amounts of hydrogen sulfice – Rodgers replies that reclaimed water is not yet in use. (Final inspection of reclaimed water hookup to GREC from Alachua is complete. Why is GREC still using water pumped from the aquifer?) — What was the decision to locate GREC in the NW area of Deerhavesn and opposed to SW? —  Has GREC provided any response to Gainesvilles right of first offer?. Rodgers fails to reply and pleads virtual “5th”

HERE: Rodgers fails transparency test  when he refuses to give a yes or no answer to reasonable question as to whether GREC has provided any response to Gainesvilles right of first offer.

HERE: Questions about biomass truck delivery times

HERE: Noise Issues:  Why is noise loudest between 1-3 AM?  “the noise reverberates through my pillow”.  Noise as “oscillations” acknowledged by Rodgers.

HERE: Pete Placement of michrophones for audio testing appear to be placed low to the ground and in least-sensetive areas and behind bushes etc..   Cell Phone number good through Friday afternoon 508-237-6312

HERE: Frank Nosko on alternative audio noise detection methods

HERE: Nathan Skop – Technical questions on stack and velocity

HERE: Paula Stahmer requests more infor on insulating baffle material

HERE: Rodgers Final Comments
TC resident patient interjects:  “do I have to wear a mask on my own property?”
Jane Henderson reminds Rodgers that TC has resources and 2,000 affeted residents.
Henderson reviews real estate disclosurre laws that will impact home sales – and already have.

HERE: Rodgers promises to respond to questions in writing

HERE: Post-adjournment audio with camera off


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Energy Management Inc. (EMI)

In 1975, Energy Management, Inc. (EMI) began developing energy conservation and pollution control projects for institutional and industrial facilities. In 1985, the company transitioned to developing independent power projects. The company has successfully developed six natural gas fired electric generation projects. Over the past twenty-eight years EMI earned a reputation of completing environmentally superior facilities with ultra-high plant availability. In 1999, EMI began to focus on developing renewable energy projects, specifically wind power projects

BIO:  Mark Rodgers, Communications Director

Mark rdgers mugMr. Rodgers is Cape Wind’s media spokesperson and he writes Cape Wind’s press releases. Mr. Rodgers develops Cape Wind’s communications content for the project website and social media and he has authored several project articles for scientific journals and magazines. Mr. Rodgers oversees Cape Wind’s public relations and he has delivered over 300 project presentations to a variety of stakeholder groups over the past 11 years. Mr. Rodgers is also responsible for managing Cape Wind’s relationships with environmental, labor, health, and trade stakeholders. Previously, Mr. Rodgers was a Founder and Director of HealthLink which initiated successful citizen action campaigns to reduce pollution. He received a B.A. in Political Science from The George Washington University.  (Source)

Cape Cod Contact: Mark Rodgers

Boston Office

20 Park Plaza, Suite 320
Boston, MA 02116
Phone: 617-904-3100

P.O. Box 2019
North Falmouth, MA 02556
Phone: 508-237-6312

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