Gainesville Civic Media Center Still Censoring Questions About 9/11 3

CMC Mission Lie

Joe Courter-5Gainesville’s Civic Media Center claims their library contains alternative media and non-corporate press.

This is true, but what CMC coordinator, Robbie Czopek and other leadership staff like Joe Courter will not tell you is that conversations, events and programs about the 9/11 crimes and coverup are extremely unwelcome.

The CMC library is full of books but only two that are authored by David Ray Griffin, who has consistently raised the most credible questions challenging the government’s official story about the events of 9/11.

A recent survey found that the CMC’s  video selection contains a few DVD’s that question the events of 9/11, but not the science-based, Blueprint For Truth that was evaluated by Michael J Heimbach, head of the FBI’s division of Counterterrorism as “backed by thorough  research and analysis.” in 2009.

If this is all news to you – then welcome to the world of Gainesville’s Civic Media Center – a defacto 9/11 gatekeeper organization with serious misunderstandings about people’s right to ask unpleasant questions as you will see in this video clip as Noam Chomsky is asked a question about the mysterious collapse of Building 7.


  1. As someone who has long been an admirer of Noam Chomsky, I was deeply troubled by this exchange. With all due respect to Professor Chomsky’s impressive career as a progressive political analyst and author, this has to be the lamest answer to a serious question I have ever heard from him. He could have easily dodged the question about the controlled demolition of WTC 7 by simply supporting the citizens’ call for a full, independent investigation, along with a full disclosure of all the mountain of 9/11 evidence that has been withheld by federal government agencies. Instead he launched into an absurd argument that professional architects and engineers who have important testimony and evidence of these treasonous crimes should publish papers in obscure peer-reviewed academic journals if they wish to be taken seriously, tossing in snide insults aimed at those who continue to seek justice. Then he goes on with a rather pathetic attempt to exonerate the Bush administration from any involvement in the 9/11 attacks. I’m an avid reader of Noam Chomsky’s books and I have great respect for his life’s work, but I am sorely disappointed by his seemingly willful ignorance about the facts and evidence related to the crimes of 9/11/01, and his disingenuous comments implicitly supporting the government’s version of events.

    • *The Solyent Green Party*

      The Chomsky deceit demonstrates how the money-masters are actually in control of our elected puppets and teaching institutions. Talented People like Chomsky are recruited and/or seduced (as gatekeepers) to expose the puppet operation backed by erudite professorial research and scholastic publications in order to protect the real perpetrators of global tyranny.

      The obvious 9/11 inside job, the global warming lie, Agenda-21 are all facets of a single operation that some call the “New World Order”. The liberal idiologues are delighted that they can trump the evil radical right with self-loathing legislation ahead of national policy while the right dare not talk about the truth about 9/11, agenda-21 etc. lest they impune their own party (Bush) and lose political support from the money-masters. Political parties are a powerful deception. That’s why the media uses it all the time and every crime drama promotes guns.

      I recently watched the 1973 sci-fi flick, *”Soylent Green” *again after many years and discovered that the _presumption of Global Warming was already being promoted_ as the basis for the demise of global civilization. But this movie was taken from the novel “Make Room! Make Room!” published in 1966 and probably in the works since 1963.

      Interesting how the public was being programmed to fear Greenhouse gases in 1966, the same year NASA formally assembled government agencies in a national “weather modification” program – that was quickly taken over by the military that eventually gagged all federal agency leaders with top-secret clearances in the interest of “national security”. …….That’s why th FAA, NOAA, NASA and IPCC will never acknowledge “chemtrails”….in plain sight in every nation on earth. (top secret clearances).

      Read the history of how warming the arctic was actually regarded as desirable for 100 years, then suddenly demonized into fear-mongering after the NAZI influence was imported into the US with open arms by the Bush Crime Family after WWII when earth-orbiting rockets could tamper with the atmosphere. These are deliberate experiments with earth’s atmosphere to transform it into a planetary gas chamber.

      War after war…and in the name of “progress” and “growth” the public is prevented from knowing the history of their own civilization by deceit, disinformation and constant distraction.

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