Alachua County Employees Impacted by Gainesville Comp Plan Violation 2

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Comment:  Alachua County government employees occupy adjacent lands to the City of Gainesville/GRU/GREC biomass incinerator.

As virtual “canaries in the coal mine”, Alachua County government employees are first in line – by proximity and liability –  to be protected from chemical assault by the incinerator’s operation.  

Gainesville’s purchase of the incinerator will force City legal staff into direct and expensive exposure to legal challenges.  If it’s found that Gainesville violated their own comp plan, future litigation could require hiring more expensive law firms to keep the plant online – assuming an injunction has not already succeeded in shutting down the stenching smoke stack.

 See Gainesville Comp Plan Violation HERE

Haze Over CR25A in Oaks of Hague-ab

By Lynn Coulias, Oaks of Hague


I’ve recently watched the October 8th, 2013 Alachua County Commission Meeting.

Rick Wolf, Chris Byrd & Michael Faye, ALL employee’s of Alachua County approached the podium to speak on the BioMass Plant.

Michael Faye, (County Public works) displayed photo’s on the Overhead projector, clearly showing “wood chips” that have fallen on the window sill’s of County vehicles parked at the Public Works Department Compound in Hague. He also mentioned that County Employee’s working @ Public Works, are “wearing masks” now as a result of the Fugitive Dust & Wood Ash that is falling on their compound. Chris Byrd, EPA Director, expressed concern for the “Health of these County Employee’s” ?

 What about the Taxpaying Citizens of the nearby neighborhood’s ?

The photo’s that I presented were put on the overhead, yet, it was dismissed as ” Fog” or “Steam” escaping from the BioMass Plant, I can attest, I have witnessed the “Steam” that Deerhaven has put out on numerous occasions, this was NOT Steam or Fog, as implied.

 For the Record, I have lived in Hague for (3) decades. Clearly there is a “haze” that is cloaking my neighborhood. I have attached two photo’s that I’ve taken recently showing the “haze” that is coming down CR25A, from the direction of the BioMass Plant. These photo’s were taken from my yard.

 This is Fugitive Dust. It is Pollution coming from this “STATE OF THE ART FACILITY”.

 I am still recuperating from Bronchitis & still on a inhaler. I’ve spoken with several of my neighbor’s, who also speak of “sore throats”.

 WE are just as important as the County Employee’s, WE have been here, living a Quiet & Peaceful existence, until the onset of this BioMass Debacle.

 I am sending these photograph’s to let you know, that GREC has not complied with the EPA’S –“Zero Tolerance of Fugitive Dust” Ordinance’s.


Lynn Coullias –  Oaks of Hague Resident since 77′


  1. These catastrophes take a toll on all of us. I still remember the ash from the Rodney King riot here in Los Angeles. Even up here in the foothills, several miles away from the fires, we had toxic ash falling on our cars and homes and apartment building. They polluted our pool, damaged the paint on the cars parked out in the open, and lots of our birds died from it. I had a tame blue jay at the time. She/he came and stayed in my apartment for several days and nights, only leaving to defecate. My cats didn’t want to go outside, and none of them ever laid a paw on jay-jay. When the winds died down and the toxic ash stopped falling after the rains came, jay-jay resumed her life in the canyon, but I know he/she was grateful for the respite of bird seed, peanuts, and water she had in my apartment during the siege. We are ALL affected negatively by these man-made tragedies. It’s time for corporations to stop thinking about their ‘bottom lines of profit’ first, and take responsibility for their damages.

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