Send Flood of Biomass Complaints to Florida Attorney General Reply

Pam Bondi Attorney General Header

Biomass Incinerator Toxic emissions


It’s time to establish a timeline of GREC/GRU/City of Gainesville Biomass complaints to the office of the Florida Attorney General. (Here)

This action will establish a list of Biomass complainants from all affected areas of Alachua county.

Make this information available to future complainants who join us when they realize from where the noise, stench, respiratory and physical disabilities are coming.

  • The online form is convenient. (Here)
  • The paper version is essential for attaching backup material and will likely get more attention  (PDF Here)
  • I recommend both online and US mail.

The biggest issue in my opinion is the ineffective response from local government(s) to have this source of pollution stopped, immediately.

Although Alachua County government is committed to be most helpful, the timeline for resolution as far longer than most affected parties are willing and/or able to endure.

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