City of Alachua to Investigate Gainesville Comp Plan Violations on GREC Biomass Incinerator Reply

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Three of five on the Alachua commission appear poised to take measures to challenge the City of Gainesville on Comp Plan violations with reference to the GREC biomass incinerator.  Public input was allegedly denied to the residents of Turkey Creek, City of Alachua, Hague, Alachua County and others.

Comp Plan Intergovernmental coordination element

Intergovernment Coordination element (PDF Download)



PUBLIC POWER WEEK – Overview of Alachua’s Electric Utility by Mike New

GRU questionably legal, artificially low rates contract to justify biomass plant to PSC, enabled $millions for City of Alachua operations budget via their own “general fund transfer”. 

Citizens Comment 10/7/2013

Larry Noegel

Janice Youngblood

Jane Hendricks

Frank Nosko

Russ Pisano

Tamara Robbins (Comp Plan violation)

Kimberly Simms – “Environmental casualties”

Lynn Coulias

Kathryn Hillburn (sp?)

Carol Thomas

Marianna Kampa

Agenda Item – SB-50 – FS 286.0114

SB-50 – FS 286.0114

Motion by Comm Wilford

Tamara Robbins comment on motion, RE: Agenda items

Citizen Comment, Session 2

Greg Williamson

Carol Thomas

Jane Hendricks

Frank Nosko ( Johnson vs. Davis)


City Manager comment: Illegal tree removal at Dollar General site

Comm Boukari,  Re:  GREC

“I don’t like it. I wish the plant was shut down this second”

Comm Hardacre

Thanks to citizens who “caught” Dollar Gen site plan deviation on cutting down 10 trees scheduled to remain.

Comm Wilford

Asks attorney Rush to look at feasibility of legal action on Comp plan violation.

Wilford reads interesting letter aloud addressed to un-named director(s) of the TC homeowners association. We can only guess that Wilford is under pressure by Turkey Creek “leaders” to limit his comments about the biomass plant with reference to appearing on live TV at a Gainesville City commission or County meeting.

Comm Brown

“RE: Legal action on biomass:  “We must move quickly on this matter”

Mayor Coerper


Complete Meeting

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