Commissioner Hutchinson’s Motion on GREC Biomass Noise Issue Reply

Stop Polluting Alachua County Header-b

1. Send a letter from the Chair to GREC and the Gainesville City Commission requesting that County Staff and consultants be allowed to participate in all discussions of mitigation options for noise and dust issues.

2. Provide notice to GREC, the City of Gainesville, and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection that Alachua County intends to intervene in the permitting proceedings, with our intent to oppose final operational permitting if satisfactory progress is not made in controlling noise and fugitive dust.

3.Notify GREC with a letter from the County Attorney that Alachua County, as an affected party, will participate in public nuisance litigation if acceptable progress is not made in reducing noise, dust, and odors affecting the County’s property and employees.

4. Request that the County Attorney and County Manager bring back to the BOCC any recommended amendments to the County’s noise ordinance, including the decibel standards.  This should also include how many municipalities request that the County ordinance be applied within City boundaries.   VIDEO Clip

The motion carried 5-0.

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