County Commission Hearing on Biomass Incinerator Pollution Reply

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At the 10/7 Alachua City Commission meeting, Former Alachua City Commissioner Tamara Robbins discussed a land use/comprehensive plan issue that could prove to be a road-block for the future of the biomass incinerator.

As a result,  Turkey Creek “sleepless” litigants are looking into the City of Gainesville’s own Comprehensive Plan as to whether they failed to notify the City of Alachua, Turkey Creek and affected communities as required by their own Intergovernmental Coordination Agreement (PDF)

Robbins made the news in 2006 when she filed ethics violations against, then City Manager, Clovis Watson. (SUN)


Wolf’s presentation is incorrect for many reasons.

The issue of “fugitive dust” does not address the virtually invisible nano-particulates that cannot be seen.  Protective masks for visible dust may not be effective against nano-dust.

Nosko’s mitigation observations (GREC Site application PDF)

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