What If Biomass Noise Incinerator Was Located at Gainesville City Hall? Reply

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Following clarification of the noise ordinance by City attorney, the City manager, Russ Blackburn apparently ordered GPD to cease taking complaints form Turkey Creek residents.

Larry Noegel informed the TC group of the GPD complaints shut-down on 10/4:

I called in a noise complaint to 352-955-1818 around 2:35 am. Can’t sleep so I emailed this message. They told me that they were not taking noise complaints from this area anymore. They said all noise complaints were to be forwarded to the Alachua Police Department. They were able to transfer me to the APD and my incident #13013096. It’s 10/05/13 I think.  – Sleepless in Alachua,  Larry Noegel

This act of desperation to protect GREC from enforcement of the City’s noise ordinance is the latest in the Biomass incinerator scandal.

Noise Ordinance:
Noise disturbance means any sound which:

  1. Disturbs a reasonable person of normal sensitivities;
  2. Exceeds the sound level limits set forth in this chapter; or
  3. Is plainly audible as defined in this section.

Plainly audible means any sound or noise produced by any source, or reproduced by a radio, tape player, television, CD player, electronic audio equipment, musical instrument, sound amplifier or other mechanical or electronic soundmaking device, or non amplified human voice that can be clearly heard by a person using his/her normal hearing faculties, at a distance of 200 feet or more from the real property line of the source of the sound or noise.

The ordinance clearly does NOT require sound level limits to be exceeded on any device in order to qualify as a “noise disturbance”.


If the biomass incinerator were located and “plainly audible” at Gainesville City Hall,  Lake Meta would be 1.3 miles to the northwest.

The Lake is located 3 blocks east of US 441 (13th Street) and 2  blocks north of NW 16th Avenue.

This video clip is viewed twice.  The first run is 1 minute of normal environmental sounds associated with Lake Meta.
The second minute will mix the actual sound of the GREC biomass incinerator, recorded at Turkey Creek,  into the Lake Meta video.

This demonstration is not intended to be a scientific analysis but serves to demonstrate how noise pollution from the GREC incinerator could deprive Turkey Creek residents of their right to quality of life for 30 years or more.

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