Turkey Creek Residents Find Little Sympathy On Noise Pollution Reply

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H Saive 10/2/2013:

Sleep deprived Turkey Creek residents found little sympathy from the Gainesville City Commission at Wednesday night’s special meeting.


Click on the speaker’s name to view

Jim Konish

Mac McEachern

Ray Washington

Annie Orlando

Harold Saive

Robert Wilford – Alachua Commission

Karen Rinkin (sp)

Rob Brinkman

Paula Stahmer

Russ Pisano

Jo Beaty

Nathn Skop

Tony Jones

GPD Lt. Farrarra – noise report

Russ Able Plant Manager report

Mac McEAchern

Nathan Skop

Ernesto Martinez

Debbie Martinez

Ray Washington

Russ Pisano

Kevin Ailee (sp)


Jane Hendricks

Kathy Seguella – TC

Jim Konish

Marty Misner

Paul Stahmer

Kimbery Simms


Kieth Balkan (sp)

Rob Brinkman

Commissioner Comment on noise

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