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Turkey Creek Neighbors Still Restless Over Biomass Plant

GTN News – 10/1/2013

For some of those living in Turkey Creek..lawn mowers and weed whackers don’t even compare to the roaring biomass plant keeping them up at night…for over five weeks now.

“They don’t know what to one knows what to do as far as giving us relief for our problems…and right now we’re pretty desperate we are very very frustrated as to over five weeks of putting up with not being able to live in our own bedrooms.”

Calls to Gainesville and City of Alachua officials…all the way up to GREC administrators in Boston…have all proven to be unsuccessful.

And Noegel says…he’s at his wit’s end.

“I feel like I’m out in a pond drowning and everybody realizes hey…he’s drowning..but no one throws me a life vest…”

Even neighbors who live a mile away from the plant say they’re looking forward to a pretty horrible Halloween.

“We’ve been tricked. They lied to us about not knowing they were there about you wouldn’t be able to hear it above the road noise of 441..and our treat this Halloween will be the horrible noise we have to live with every day and every night.”

And although those at GREC have tried comforting Turkey Creek residents for the past five weeks with plans to address their concerns…they are losing as much hope as they are sleep.

“I would hate that it would come to a class action suit against Gainesville and GREC…and the GRU…but it could come to that and it would be a sad day.”

But that today for Noegel who spent the day on the phone with attorney’s to do…just that.

“I’m asking for my rights to be restored to what they were before all this nightmare started…I don’t think that’s too much to ask.”

And until then…he’ll continue to fight for peace of mind and a good nights sleep.

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